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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Predictions: NBA Playoffs - Part 2

4:09:39 AM | 4/24/2013 | Wednesday

So many heavyweight shits are on for the 2013 National Basketball Association Playoffs. There are some battles which are quite exciting to watch. Just like this…


For the second straight year, they are going at each other again. Perhaps it is another rivalry in the making, considering the fact that the Grizzlies pushed the Clippers to the limit last year.

But I think the Grizzlies were a bit weaker after Rudy Gay was moved to Toronto. And consider this: The Clippers were way better than last year with defensive guards who can lob to their athletic wing and big men, either thru fast-break or set-up plays. If you can’t believe them, try look for DeAndre Jordan’s dunk of the year or even the team’s top plays, and I can bet your money on this – majority of it were assist-to-dunk plays or much better known as “alley-oops.” Clippers by 5.


Another heck of an Atlantic Division rivalry, with the Knickerbockers nailing the top spot on their territory, and the Celtics on the steady roll minus Ray Allen (whom went to Miami) and Rajon Rondo (to ACL injury) but plus Jason Terry and Jeff Green to fill their respective gaps.

But on the other side, the New York Knicks may not have Tyson Chandler anymore on their line-up, but Kenyon Martin returned to the league. Forget him and his team’s age as Jason Kidd still managed to knock 3s down the stretch. Plus, J.R. Smith was a hell sick of a playa to earn his right on that sixth man award. And Melo just edged Kevin Durant to grab that top-scoring crown for this season.

I guess it will be in favor of the Knicks in 6 games.

They’re trio no more as former teammates face each other this time. You got James Harden who’s on the verge of being one of the leaders for the Rockets against his former team, particularly fellow guard Russell Westbrook and superstar Kevin Durant.

Jeremy Lin may not be as hyped as he was during his tenure with the Knicks though. The problem is Houston did not take much advantage of its scoring opportunities at the fourth canto. Plus the scoring duo of the Thunder is too much to match the explosiveness of the Rockets.

I’ll say… OKC in 5 games.


They’re tied in 2 games apiece if you care on their regular-season warfare. But the playoff phase was way different from the typical party. More intense, more physical, much hype, or it can even get more personal between the two squads. Al Horford may be powerful for the Hawks, but Roy Hibbert can top him either, with that height that made him a perennial shot-blocker. Looks like Josh Smith needs to outwork David West and Paul George even more if that’s the case. But, that will be a daunting task to do so as rebounding was the major factor on Hawk’s losses, while Indiana struggles on capping their seasonal tasks. Yes, they may have a good start, but at the near finish line… uh oh.

Still, I think Indiana will emerged winner on this one after 6 games.

I can’t think yet of what will happen in the second round.

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