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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Predictions: 2013 NBA Playoffs – Part 2: Second Round

11:03:11 PM | 5/7/2013 | Tuesday

As of press time, here are the results of the 2013 Playoffs in the second round:
Western Conference Game 1:  Oklahoma City Thunder 93, Memphis Grizzlies 91; San Antonio Spurs 129, Golden State Warriors 127 in double overtime.
Eastern Conference Game 1: Indiana Pacers 102, New York Knicks 95; Chicago Bulls 93, Miami Heat 86.

Sixteen teams down to the eight, so it’s gonna be a clash between the elite eight forces after opening the post-season part a la march Madness’ Sweet 16. I’m talking about number, eh? So don’t be confused, folks.

Let’s start from the final four between the best of the wild wild West.

Oklahoma City versus Memphis

The Thunder was no doubt a hands-down title contender for this year, while Memphis managed to pull down a win over Clippers on a much shorter time expense (in 6 games), and heck it’s a kind of revenge.
OKC has been one of the most explosive squads in the league today, with young guns firing like they’re on a wildfire and role players providing help. However, the problem is that Russell Westbrook was injured, which could badly hurt the Thunder’s scoring ways and means unless KD drops 40 per outing.
Memphis can steal this one if they consider their head-to-head match-ups during the regular season as their advantage. And if they do, the race for the championship on the West will be much wide open against the team that they will be facing soon.

The verdict: either Grizzlies in 6 games or OKC Thunder in 7.

San Antonio versus Golden State

It’s experience-versus-skills-battle. Stephen Curry was playing on his best ball year, with another upset they made did recently.

But the problem though is that San Antonio has this championship experience which has been a huge evident factor all through put the playoffs. Ouch, no matter how high will be their score; it will all boil down in the crunch time. Most of the time, it’s not just offense that can seal the deal, but defense, something that has been the Spurs’ main signature game move. They have to overcome their much-improved D.

Plus, the Spurs have their own version of shooters to match the Warriors.’

Wait, did the Spurs won 16 straight against GSW on their home floor? Jeez. In fact, not even a single game at the Alamo since Duncan was drafted about 16 years ago.

The verdict: Spurs in 5.

Let’s move to the beasts in the East coast.

Indiana versus New York

Younger legs against a tough firepower squad and yet again. Another tough series that is up for grabs for all the blockbuster-lovers.

The Knickerbockers may have a smaller lineup but they have that huge offensive power to back it up. They got a scoring champ, a sixth man, a triple-double-maker point guard, and a lot of supporting cast. Plus, Tyson Chandler and Jason Kidd’s championship experience with Dallas helped Melo to finally get himself out of the so-called “first round jinx,” something that plagued him for most of his time at Denver.
Indiana’s the underdog here. No doubt, forget their size advantage, unless they managed to utilize their edge, and if they managed to dictate the tempo.

The verdict: either Indiana by 5 or New York by 6.

Miami versus Chicago

BULLS-HEAT, as fans may perceive it, with the King already bagged his fourth MVP trophy, and the former MVP still out for the Bulls. Well, Nate Robinson came to the rescue for Chicago though.
Ray Allen is still at his prime, but how’s his teammate-slash-former sidekick Rashard Lewis doing so far? I think Coach Spo should use the duo as an alternate to the big three. Plus, they got the Birdman which energized the frontcourt of the team, which won 27 straight games, but blamed their rebounding acts for their losses.

The Bulls have much heart to win over the Heat, but the Heat has a lot of will. Which will prevail? I think, the Heat will most likely to repeat almost everything they have done during their championship run last year.

The verdict: Heat by 5 or 6.

16 down to 8? The next time around, it will be 8 down to 4.

Author: slickmaster | © 2013 september twenty-eight productions

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