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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Clutch Game

11:49:29 PM | 6/20/2013 | Thursday

Of all the games that went on for this year’s NBA Finals, this seems that the Game 6 was the best of them all so far.

Look, Tim Duncan played the first half as if he was not on his 37-year-old self. How about a 25-point and 8-rebound effort, for the 15 year veteran? And that stat was before halftime, by the way.

Second half, we saw the old LeBron, the more energized one, the one that really carried the team on his shoulders like the way he did on his stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers? He scored more than 20 of his 32 points came on the second half and overtime, despite committing huge mistakes down the stretch. He had a triple double to accompany his usual large number of markers.

Tony Parker was also on his old clutching self. He made big buckets that turned the score on their favor. Momentarily, ‘coz it was really a see-saw battle during the game’s crunch time. The Heat rallied all the way from 17 down, and held a slim edge, only to lose them for a while (the Spurs led by 5, with a little time left – less than minute to be exact).

But come on, Manu appeared that he had the biggest mistake of them all. Crucial turnovers killed their hopes of nailing the big one, and the biggest ones were accountable on his possession.

I can’t blame Kawhi Leonard’s sudden miss from the free throw line. But also, Tim’s absence on the regulation’s dying seconds spelled the chance for Miami to tie the game after 48 minutes. Right after Chris Bosh snatched the big rebound and passed it on Ray Allen’s big 3-point shot.

Coincidentally, Ray Allen also nailed two big free throws that solidified the team’s victory on the championship series’ sixth contest. After he was fouled off a Manu’s lost ball possession.

Now, six games were on the books. Both the Spurs and heat were tied at 3 victories each. We’re just waiting for the judgment day. And it is set… tonight!

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