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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Throwback: 13 in 35

08292013 | 08:42AM

Tracy McGrady, once a prolific scorer in the National Basketball Association, has officially retired from the league after 16 years.

As the said news item came out from his Twitter account, some sports pages asked: What it your favorite T-Mac moment?

And here is my answer: an epic clutch performance during the final 35 seconds against the San Antonio Spurs at the Toyota Center.

Whoa, that's sick as shit. Four 3-point shots, with one of them nailing plus a foul from their opponent. And take note, he did not missed a single shot attempt over that very short stretch. Also, that went along despite the outstretched defense by the Spurs. The Houston Rockets went on to steal the game from the visiting (and fellow Texas team) San Antonio Spurs; and that's 13 points in 35 seconds for you.

Well, maybe he had an even good run if he hadn't been hounded. By injuries on his stint with Houston. He was also a part of the majestic 22-game winning streak, then the longest in the NBA in 2008 since the Los Angeles Lakers' 33 straight victories something during the early 1970s.

T-Mac also played for the Toronto Raptors (though his relative by affinity Vince Carter was more hell-of-a-player than him), Orlando Magic (where he legitimized his status as a scoring superstar), New York Knicks, Detroit Pistons and San Antonio Spurs (where he was seen in a bit of action just a few months ago).

Well, he hadn't been fully hanged up his sneakers though. Some of the reports are saying he might play overseas.

Well, Tracy, it's been a long run. You'll go down as one of the NBA greats who came straigt from high school, alongside Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Garnett, and Dwight Howard.

Hats off to that clutch game!

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