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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

LeBron or Kobe? 'Nuff Said!

7/26/2013 5:53:56 PM

Two superstars, they used to square up against each other on that 96 x 50 feet basketball court for at least three times each year. They may have blocked shots, dunked, throw thee pointers and even pin-point passes against each other. Well… okay, now what?

I don’t see anything in this comparison. Why on earth these sports fans will compare these two guys against each other?

Look, every superstar has their own stars. Own way to shine, own time to shine, and every single one of them goes at their own respective way(s).

Kobe Bryant is a drafted by Charlotte Hornet but was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers in ’96 in exchange for the giant great named Vlade Divac. He was on a supporter’s role to Shaquille O’Neal, Nick Van Exel an Eddie Jones during his early seasons. Yes, hey may got 3 championships during the turn of the millennium, and he was explosive in his latter years. He hadn’t shown signs of slowing down as he grows old by age. He was also hounded by controversies, too.

While on the other hand, LeBron was one of the most-talked about guys even before he went into the big league, whether if we’re talking about his talent or his personality. And he got responsibilities over his shoulders to carry on, considering that he was a top pick by the Cavaliers in 2003, and a franchise player in the mold. He left the team after years of his frustration and the team’s unhealthy over-reliance on him. Forget the superstar status. He’s a human, too like anyone else. He misses shots, he loses the games, he commits mistakes.

Both guys have won multiple Most Valuable Player awards, been part of the All-Star squads, member of an all-defensive teams, players of the US roster that still dominated the world basketball supremacy for the past few years.

But still, I don’t see anything good in comparing these two superstars. It’s quite unfair, considering that they are making their own legacies, and yet they were still patterned after His Airness. These two guys needed much respect, and sports fans needed to take a pill of maturity. Only the legit sports analysts have the right and privilege to make any move for these two future hall-of-famers of the basketball world.

I’m not fielding to any of these two greats. In fact, I am a fan of both players. I’m just saying that we should put these issues of comparing Kobe to LeBron, or LeBron to Kobe (or vice versa) into a halt.

Enough comparing and quit hating, please?

Author: slickmaster | © 2013 september twenty-eight productions

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