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Sunday, December 08, 2013

Inside the Pages: Always Chink Positive

11/2/2013 1:31:42 PM

Alright, just as always what I've always telling you, I am may be a Catholic but I’m more of a spiritual guy. Yes, despite everything that I am more expressing about (of course, you will really have that kind of impression on me unless you meet in person).

However, enough of corny and heavy satirical jokes, exposes-about-society-and-mainstream’s-bullshits, and for now... let’s shy away from my favorite culture and literary choices. Let’s turn into the side of inspirational. Well, for now.

Look. I’ve been a fan of this Chinese guy named Chinkee Tan since that one fateful (rainy, in fact) Sunday morning in late 2011 (a rainy one, in fact – just random scanning my TV then). Chink + was his program, alongside Cristina Lazo (or known as Tetta News, in case you are a listener of 89.9 during the early 2000s).

I haven’t managed to get either of his first books yet (one which I remember, it was during Brewrats' epic episodes at then 99.5 RT). All I know is that I was seeking for Always Chink Positive book, a more spirit-lifting, prayerful thing to read. It’s like a life coach’s guide for you wherein 50 days, you’ll find the goodness in life – that is to have an optimistic perception in life, work harder and keeping your faith much stronger.

It also contained various “lighter-note” stories – whether it is fiction or based on several people’s life experiences, his philosophical CHINK+ quotes, and tips to help you make up your mind (reflection and prayer). Yes, this man got a lot of fruitful words to ponder on, something that you might saw in the likes of Bo Sanchez, Francis Kong, Anthony Pangilinan, or even Robert Kiyosaki.

Well, I don’t really have much to say. I decided not to take this post as a book review. I just want to feature this thing and express my appreciation. Period.

As much as I want to re-read this book again, (well, I just did) hopefully in the long run... I will learn to live with it again.

Nah, I’ll say... I will live with it again today. (Much positive statement, right?)

Just a few months ago, I personally met Chinkee Tan, and he signed the copy of my book.

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  1. hmmm whether trip mo to enhance your personal finance, mag-establish ng business or makinig lang - it's always good na ma-expose sa mga taong nagbibigay ng positive vibe.

    na-meet ko na sya in person dahil sa isang seminar at ang pinagkaiba nya sa ibang speakers - realistic or doable, hind sugar coated and of course may touch ng sense of humor. alam mo bang dati syang komedyante?

    1. Indeed. I agree, I met him in person and he personally signed my copy of his book. Yes, parte pa nga ng "hawi boys" eh (even if those days ata ay hindi pa ako nag-eexist sa mundong ibabaw).

      Plus, it's one of my memorable times for this year, like it's "a fan meets his idol" moment.


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