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Thursday, January 09, 2014

Flicks For Picks: 11 movies for 2013

11/9/2013 12:05:12 AM

I have seen eleven movies for this year. And it’s very rare for somebody like me to watch movies on the cinemas for that kind of number.

And if you asked me on what are my best picks for flicks for the year two thousand thirteen, let me remind you that everything that you will read on this post, was all just my opinion.

Here are my rankings for that:

1. IRON MAN 3. Okay, so Robert Downey Jr., seemed to be the best Avenger of them all, eh? Look at that, 3 sequels for the Iron Man movie, plus two Avengers’ stint (with the second coming in at 2015). Now, can Captain America or Thor top that? Besides, he’s a different personified superhero. He doesn’t show his punk-ass side. He is the one who kicks them, something that I’ve been clamouring with for a story for the previous 23 years of existence. It’s like finally, I’ve seen them all in one hell-of-an-action movie. Plus, he rose up from rubbles. Yes, from scratch back to the stardom. Everyone thought that Starks was dead, only for the world to found out that So What’s News website was more bullshit than his life. And I like the execution of its closing billboard: 60s by sound, and comics by theme. Damn good!

2. ON THE JOB. Fuck the mainstream movies that we usually see at the present era. Sorry tobe mean but the world desperately needs action movies like On The Job. Stories that aren’t really depressing at all, that’s if you can only focus on the shallower aspect of life. Joel Marquez at his best, surprisingly. He can even overtake Joel Torre’s role for that matter. While the latter’s all evil, and Gerald Anderson? TANGINA! Plus, the over-all cast was more than just a bunch of heavy paperweight shits. I mean, they can really act together, unlike those self-proclaimed star-studded blockbusters which turned out to be a bust. Seriously. OTJ was my top local pick.

3. DESPICABLE ME 2. My girlfriend and my friends brought me here. I never even watched the first instalment of that minion-mania, until I do my ignorant self a favour of taking a trip back to the memory lane with my flame. I can only say is this: more minions was exposed, and they’re even despicable than Gru.

4. THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS 6. I thought that Tokyo Drift was the best among the Fast and Furious series of films, until I saw the sixth. I was not convinced much on the fourth and fifth. Maybe because it lacked something for me to be appealed on. Well, good thing for Vin and The Rock, they literally rocked on, especially on that chasing scene along a superhighway in the Canary Hills or somewhere at Spain. When Dom catches Letty in the air, and above the dangerous ravine... it was the sickest scene of them all. Breath-taker in fact. And Chainz’ duel with Wiz Khalifa for We Own It? I think that was the best soundtrack for the Fast and Furious movies so far.

5. METRO MANILA. Sean Ellis can really throw a hell of a depressing poverty porn, eh? Despite being not a Filipino to do so (i.e. Lino Brocka and Ishmael Bernal were the best example of the film masters to do so). Seriously, I don’t wonder anymore why it garnered awards at Sundance for being too much dramatic. If that X-Factor championed boy band got only 1 D on their name, I’ll give 4Ds for this movie (yeah, much better than a 3D film production): dark, deep, depressing and even disturbing.

6. MAN OF STEEL. Superman’s untold story as it seems. On how Jor-El’s son became the humanity’s Clark Kent. If you’re an avid fan of the Superman series, you may find this one a bit bitin. With no other creature to collide with other than General Zod and his forces.

7. THOR THE DARK WORLD. Thor’s second movie turned out to be more of Loki’s redemption that Thor’s mission. He’s already a hero from start to finish. Or have we not just seen enough, or did we dwell on how he will save his lover’s soul away from the evil forces that threatened to rule the 9 rounds.

8. WORLDWAR Z. Zombie + apocalyptic era. That was the formula of the recent horror movies. Well, Max Brooks combined them all into one. And maybe WWZ was also derived from that Zombie Tsunami game. Well, Brad Pitt had to deal with a wide array of zombies and amputated people in order for him to take the war’s victory away from the virus that spawning the humankind then. However, the resolution’s kinda boring. They almost got it.

9. G.I. JOE RETALIATION. It was almost good, until the trio was destroyed. Channing Tatum got killed along the way. And the troops needed a veteran to unmasked a disguised state head. An antagonist who attempted to conquer the entire world thru nuclear powers. But as his Candy Crush game loses, so was his entire battle. However, it was less hyped due to the fact of It Takes A Man And A Woman fever was so high in the metropolitan.

10. OBLIVION. Jack Harper suddenly make me think. Is he a real clone or is just he’s suffering an identity crisis? I’m talking about the near-end part. But seriously,this film made me think about the movie itself. However, since overthinking was never good for anyone’s health, I was displeased.

11. (late addition) CATCHING FIRE. I has yet to understand the first flick in order for me to catch up with this series though. The second serving may be good, but sometime, I can;t help but to think that this flick is kinda "over-hyped."

Well, of course, some will wonder and ask questions like, why did not you see this or that movie, such as:

It Takes A Man And A Woman. For damn sakes, enough of romantic-comedy films, please?

She’s The One. Same reason as above. I know that at some point they differ from any other rom-com local films right now, but still… are you serious that you want to feed us people another generic garbage?

Insidious 2. ‘cause I am not a fan of horror films. I’d rather fear the real horrifying scenes than flicks.

Riddick. How I wish! Unfortunately, yours truly hadn’t got a job in order for me to sustain my craving for cinemas. This flick should have been my 11th for the year.

Bakit hindi ka crush ng crush mo? I know, I’m a big fan of Ramon Bautista, but if his book was treated the mainstream way, nah, forget the movie. I’d still dig the book though (with the original cover on it).

Juana C the movie. Oh, another regret for me. Too bad.

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