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Friday, January 10, 2014

Cafe Scientique Talks: Why Should We Bother With Science? (And Climate Change As Well)

12/‎15/‎2013 1:50:04 PM

Poster of Cafe Scientique. (Photo credit:

Let's face it: one of the least interesting topics we used to have in our respective everyday lives is "science." And with the advent of climate change issues, most of us tend to ignore everything that we may need to know. But the even worst scenario is if all else fails, I mean everything around us are totally ravaged due to our own share of indolence, unawareness and failure to prepare, we blame the government.

Yes, the question lies - "why should Pinoys bother with science?" Yours truly, alongside with my other blogger friends, and also my partner  - whose also a blogger, by the way - took the Mind Museum's invitation to storm by the venue for their open forum.

Dubbed as "Cafe Scientique," the stage was set at the venue's Canopy Plaza, aiming the public to be aware and get closer. The event was held 4 p.m. of November 30, 2013 - the same exact day where Andres Bonifacio celebrated his 150th birthday.

Several personalities from the science field have made their presence felt, including PHIVOLCS Director Renato Solidum.

As I look closer to the discussion, there are few things that seemed to answer my life-long queries. I mean, let's face it - science is really contradict to what our beliefs all about, be it a superstition or religion.

There are even conflicts that arises on the people's mindset when it comes to disaster preparedness - like a theory of "forecast versus past experience."

And perhaps the fact that even PAGASA can't make any solid projections when it comes to weather. Take this example for instance: "If we're wondering why they foreacsted that it will be a rainy day while in fact, it is a very sunny?" And the response is generally, studying weather in a tropical country like here in the Philippines can be really a tough job for them. It's unpredictable.

And the fact that the seismologists can never ever tell if there will be a movement of plates in an instant. Yes, if we're talking about short-term planning, we can never really tell where or when it will occur. But if we talked about long-time projections, most likely there's a possibility, take the West Valley Fault's timeline as an example. The line previously known as Marikina Valley Fault did move about 355 years ago, and their quake cycle goes for like four centuries. So does it mean that we should be wary right now? No, and not necessarily. But at least we should have at least a little piece of background.

Generally, most of us - whether we admit it or not - have this shallow level of intelligence when it comes to science and climate change. A piece of harsh reality bite, right?

Now if you ask me again, why should we bother with Science? Well, try re-read the post again. Seriously.

Oh, by the way, sorry for being harsh. Don't worry, somebody loves you, like... her.

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