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Monday, January 27, 2014

When Cable Gives You Sensible Programming

12/20/2013 3:32:04 PM

True enough. Cable offers you a wide variety of stuff your free TV can’t give you, from movies to other canned shows to much deeper news updates, and more frequent action-packed programs.

I remember seeing a bunch of Facebook comments suggesting me to try for a cable subscription due to my super-irate posts regarding the mediocrity of our mainstream media.

Here’s the thing. I’d still prefer the analog version of the cable services over the digitalized ones as they may be clear, but if they screwed up, it’ll have huge impact on you. You’re seeing not-so-vivid images like the ones you are seeing in a pirated DVD version of your favorite flicks.

Plus the digibox can cost you an addition to your electricity bills. Ouch. Come to think that the power rate hike nowadays triggered fiery rants from the public.

But anyway, I’m not here to diss the cable. In fact, despite the costly thingy, I love it. Though I have to admit, if at a given time where I can spend the entire week watching at my couch potato (though it still seems to be impossible anyway), I might chance upon these:

FOX Channel (asia) – if Jack TV halted their offer to bring you more sports-entertainment action from WWE, don’t worry ‘cause FOX is there to make I up – especially if you prefer Smackdown than Raw. That event runs for 110 minutes. Plus, Main event, Afterburn, Bottomline, and Vintage. What more can you lose since Studio 23 is still there to complete your WWE cravings with Superstars, NXT and Raw?

AXN – one of my always-favorite channels in the PPV – with thrilling programs plus the voice? Man that wiped my fears out and wanted to be the hero like hose American ninja warriors.

Pinoy Extreme – aside from real man’s sports like horse-racing and cockpit-events, they showcased the old PBA games, as in those contests from the previous 39 years of the league’s existence. Talk about hitting the vintage level yet again, eh? Just sporty-style.

Throwback sitcoms you may see in either Jeepney TV or Fox Filipino. Nothing beats the old primetime laughs. Seriously, I’d prefer seeing the likes of Abangan ang Susunod na Kabanata, Goin’ Bananas, Oki Doki Doc or Home Along Da Riles than witnessing how the present teleseryes roll. And I know, some of the actresses may be a hot, but I’d prefer seeing them on men’s magazines and movies (even if not titillating). Though I wonder why Bubble Gang now only airs for 50 minutes.

Basketball TV. Of course, this channel should not be deleted from my list, it should be added instead. And if you include NBA Premium, that will be better. Why? Because being an aspiring sports beat reporter by fantasy, I simply want to know the inside stuff that lies on the game’s times of action.

News channels, whether it’s international like CNN, BBC, or just the local counterparts like ANC and DZMM Teleradyo. I used to dig Karen Davila’s interviews in Headstart or if I wanna go much localized, I just watch and listen on Ted Failon’s insights in his 8am commentary. Seems like he’s doing better on a solo flight, eh?

Nat Geo and Discovery. Though I only watched them sparingly, these programs will feed your mind more than the documentaries on the news channels. Think about it.

Movie channels, from PBO to Cinema One, to Star Movies to HBO, and even TCM. Self-explanatory, though Star Movies usually airs more recent flicks than HBO.

Sports channels as well, to satisfy my cravings for both other basketball games and mixed martial arts stuff.
MTV. I used to miss the local version of MTV (yes, they have before MVP bought channel 41), and at present, it has shown like Ridiculousness, Catfish, Cribs and Geordie Shore, with the latter-mentioned program having an adult-related content like profane language and sensual scenes. But who cares? I also recommend Catfish for the people who fell in love in first screenshot (or profile picture).

I mean seriously, they’re right. Though wrestling may be scripted or some news channels are just for PR and profit’s sake, and some programs aren’t meant to be viewed by the younger audiences, they are right – cable offers much sensible news and entertainment programming.

I just hope I can make consistent on my money-making chores to sustain this shit.

Author:  slickmaster | © 2013 september twenty-eight productions

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