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Saturday, April 12, 2014

‘Bron versus KD? Seriously?!

2/22/2014 1:31:36 PM

After comparison between LeBron and Kobe headlined last year, the NBA fans are arguing again on whose player is better this season, and it’s all about LeBron or KD.

Hmm, seriously? DO you think we need to argue on this one?

Look, ‘Bron’s a pro from high school, while KD is not. He spent his collegiate career on Texas though it seemed like a short-time turned sparking sensation.

But seriously? Do we need to argue on this?

Maybe, ‘coz Durnatula’s is on the verge of having his MVP season, while Bron’s team is a bit struggling to keep their championship poise at helm.

OKC’s leading the entire league, while Miami’s on the southeast division only. And he’s carrying the torch over Westbrook’s absence. But nah, forget it.

LeBron and anyone else superstar has done that either. So why we should argue on who should take the MVP award?

Sometimes, it’s not just the fan alone whom making this issue out of proportion, but it’s the media. They’re the witnesses to everything around the association.

Bottom line: they all have their respective eras and primes. They all have their ups and downs; their respective breakouts and downfalls.

So why we should argue about it?

It’s like Jordan being the all-time best while if fact, when we’re talking about decades ago, it’s like Russell-versus-Chamberlain whom were the talk of the town and were branded the best players in the game, and there goes big O, and Bird-Magic rivalry.

Got my point? They’re all best, but in respective eras, and branding them for being the all-time greats may take a long, deadly debate (considering some fans can even took arguments on their idols, too passionately, too personal, and too deadly. Yes, literally).

If you asked my pick, I’ll just tell you, either of them are the best guys this season. But don’t forget Lillard, Irving Blake, CP3, Paul George, and a whole lot of more playas in the NBA either. It’s unfair to take a debate on ‘Bronvs KD while in fact, several other guys may stand an edge over these two either.

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