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Friday, April 11, 2014

Just My Opinion: Twitter's New Look

4/11/2014 11:32:40 AM

Since my friends are bugging me to do this, alright. I’ll give them what they wish (nah, they have to be careful though. LOL!)

Hey, you! (Yes indeed, I’m talking to you, unless you got a companion or some ‘usisero’ out there)

Got a Twitter profile now? How does it look? Does it appear like this?

Photo originally from Ms. Janette Toral's Twitter. 

Got any thoughts? I know what’s on your mind right now. Yeah, at first, it looks like your Facebook timeline.

And an addition: a poor man’s Google+

I first noticed the revamped look since sometime in February. And to be frank, the home interface looked like an updated iOS7. Weird shit at all (especially the numbers).

Good thing that Mashable exist, as the online news portal reported during the month that the micro-blogging site has been quietly testing the new design.

Well, if there’s lacking in the main profile – I think that would be the preferred background image.
And by the way, if you’re asking them, Mashable recommends a huge photo size (like a 1500 x 500 pixels) if you want them to be on the header side.

The upside though is that it has a "with replies" tab. At least, I'd prefer separating my most publicized posts from the ones that involves conversations.

Argh, okay. Now I’m running out of words.

I’d like to ask you though: what’s your take on Twitter’s new look? Feel free to drop a line.

By the way, you can see Mashable's article here.  

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