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Sunday, May 25, 2014


5/24/2014 1:34:03 AM

As far as the series is concern, several foes faced each other yet again in the Conference Finals. It’s Miami versus Indiana at the East Finals; while on the West, it’s Oklahoma versus San Antonio once again since ’12.
But before Miami rolled to even their series against Indiana (as of time of writing), how these two fared up against each other for the second straight year?

The Pacers, after losing to the eventual champion Heat, roared all the way through the regular season. They dominated the Eastern Conference with a 59-23 record, whole the Heat came just a bit close to them.

However, the Pacers were already questioned through the course of both first and second round of the playoffs after their starting center used to put up subpar numbers in most of his games.

Well, the Heat was questioned, too. Though lucky for Indiana, Miami was haunted by criticism over the course of regular season, for being lack of rebounding which sometimes, led to their inconsistent winning run. At one point, they will lose for numerous games, which reminded me of LeBron James’ usual era with the Cavaliers.

But make no mistake about it. The tides are turned up. The Pacers topped both the Central Division and the entire EC. Plus, they had homecourt advantage.

However, though, most of the teams that went on to the finals in the recent years were the second-seeded squads.

Nevertheless, I’m seeing a potential Game 7 ender here yet again.

Meanwhile, let’s shift gears, or should I say… direction. Oklahoma City Thunder met the San Antonio Spurs once again. But it’s quite different from the old Seattle Supersonics versus San Antonio Spurs rivalry though.

The Spurs, arguably the league’s second most dominant team for the last one and a half decade (next to the five-peat Los Angeles Lakers), has been on a roll despite their player’s age. Actually, since Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls ended their reign, it was the Western teams that dominated the most.

But they were schooled by the younger legs of Oklahoma City Thunder in 2012. After ruling 2-0, they got ousted in the next four games – with Game 5 staged in their home floor.

Plus, the Thunder has dominated over the silver-and-black squad for the entire regular wars this 2013-2014.
The question though is that can Spurs overcome the tide once again? Considering that they have the MVP in Kevin Durant?

All it takes is the bench key, while taking advantage for the loss of Serge Ibaka.

If San Antonio wins game 3, it’s gonna be a total one-sided affair en route to the biggest stage, where they only lost once – and that was last year in a two-game slide to the eventual champion Heat.

But even if the Pacers might break the supposedly party, I’m still seeing the Spurs will top this one out.
But if Thunder waged a perfect comeback, that it would be a much better affair: ‘Bronvs KD, the second time around. Wow.

However, what if OKC vs Pacers? It’s like offense versus defense teams on a collision course. Perfect finale!

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