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Friday, June 27, 2014

Shield's Break-up: Battle of Emerging Hounds

06/23/14 11:47:40 AM

So, this group had their worst moment recently — having a break-up with each other. Which makes me think of this question: out of these three men, who will emerged the most?

First and foremost, though: Forgive me for doing this post if it sounds like a malanding fanboy.

Well, I'll just reiterate this: I'm not a huge fan of this former three-man faction in the recent WWE events known as The SHIELD. In fact, when I started watching them in almost all the WWE shows for the recent few months, I hated them along with the Wyatt family, also a trio heel crew in current pro wrestling scene.

But even if they were heels, I noticed something that can be really a big star in the World Wrestling Entertainment: I'm talking about Roman Reigns.

The wrestler Reigns (his stage name), was apparently a Samoan, one of the race of wrestlers whom dominated the pro wrestling scene for decades, including the lateYokozuna, Rikishi, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (yes, folks; he has that kind of blood FYI), Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka; and on the modern era, Snuka's daughter Tamina, and Rikishi's sons Jimmy and Jey Uso.

I started noticing Reigns' individual dominance on the WWE main roster even during those days with the so-called Hounds of Justice. Along with fellow Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW)-slash-WWE NXT stars Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, The Shield was overpowering everyone, no matter how badass or fierce their counterparts are.

But it was more evident during the 2014 Royal Rumble at Philadelphia. Reigns overthrown Kane's previous records for most beaten opponents in that 30-man over-the-top battle royale, and he could even set some more when he faced the then-returning Batista for that bragging right to headline WrestleMania.

His loss seemed to be his major achievement though, as despite his role (and their, as a group), people seemed to cheer on the big guy who usually unloads Samoan Drop, Spear, and Superman Punch as main weapons.

And his performance was more evident when he almost single-handedly defeat a trio of The New Age Outlaws and Kane in WrestleMania XXX held April 6 at the Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans.

SHIELD had formally turned back when a four-on-four situation was slated at the final segment of April 7 RAW episode; thus signaling another era in the plot of the pro wrestling world, including the rebirth of Evolution (Triple H, Batista, and Randy Orton minus Ric Flair).

But after their second clash with Evolution on Payback, it was Seth Rollins who triggered the faction's surprisingly break-up (seems it was an “untimely” surprise since they were at the main limelight of the entire WWE lineup, and did not seemed to have any signs of negativity at all).

Now, is it time for Reigns to shine utmost? Definitely. I can foresee that he might end up winning the prized WWE World Heavyweight title at the Ladder Championship match of the upcoming Money in the Bank pay-per-view event (unless John Cena, Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton, and even.. uh?! Daniel Bryan?! will spoil the party).

However, as much as I don't appear like a spoiler (and besides, who cares? I don't even know what will comes next to their story at all), since Seth Rollins already named for the MTB contract match, I'm thinking he might win it all and another conspiracy theory-liked attack will be slated on the next PPV offering (though it's much better if it might take place at the SummerSlam or at the Night of Champions). Yes, there's chance a possible scenario might take place (remember Daniel Bryan, who just won over Cena at SummerSlam last year for the then-prestigious WWE Championship only to hand it over to Orton after cashing in to the game's referee, who happens to be Triple H, the COO of the WWE) and will draw another ire over WWE universe.

Amborse is no doubt, have a better future ahead. But out of three, it's gonna be clash for the standings between Reigns and Rollins. Unless, some creative peeps will pull a surprise twist which might changed our perceptions anew.

One thing is for sure though—you've got to BELIEVE IN THAT!

Author: slickmaster | ©2014 september twenty-eight productions

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  1. I wasn't a huge fan of the trio in the beginning. I didn't like that they interrupted a lot of matches to gain recognition, but hey won me oer in their very first PPVs. They were all captivating. It's hard to pick which of all their matches is the best. One most noteworthy match for me was their match against the Wyatts. I agreed with the audience when they chanted "This is awesome" when they had their standoff in the beginning. Then, their matches with Evolution are significant wins. Not to mention their match agaisnt Kane, Ryback and some other guy I can't remember right now.

    My bet is on Roman Reigns. He has the pedigree and the looks - something WWE is hot on. But let's not scoff on the Dean who has te crazy personality and actin chops that can make him a good heel and Seth Rollins' exciting aerial acrobatics that can fill up the void Jeff Hardy left. Personally, I feel that they work well together, but it looks like they have to go on their separate ways. Tose wins againstte Evolution should have been a clear indication of the path they have to take.


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