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Saturday, June 28, 2014

King's Decision Round 2

06/23/14 02:01:02 PM

Ladies and gentlemen, the spotlight is on again for the marquee players who will face another big-time decision on the scene we would like to call as “free agency.”

And we've heard his name before. Now that another summer passed by, questions are up in the air gain whether LeBron James will stay in Miami or not.

And the result? He opted for free agency.

The controversy was nothing new to James, whose origin is from Akron, Ohio. After spending his first seven seasons with the Cleveland Cavaliers, James moved to the South Florida beach, then-hoping to earn his first NBA championship. It was the biggest drastic move a team has made in the NBA–the first since Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett joined Paul Pierce in Boston. However, his decision, which rooted from years of mounting frustration-driven futile, earned him massive negative reactions from both the league and the ballclub's fans.

Prior to making his decision, several NBA teams expressed interest in luring “the King” in their lineup. With the New York Knicks as the most notable squad.

However, his sojourn ride to the championship went to naught on their first try. They were up 2-1 against the Dallas Mavericks in the 2011 NBA Finals, only to be swept by the next three games – with much of them due to a bunch of “fourth quarter meltdown.” His second championship series defeat drew another ire and criticism from the sport aficionados; thus, questioning his capability to take home the biggest prize, specifically during “crunch time.”

LeBron proved them wrong, however, as the Heat rolled to their second straight NBA Finals appearance in 2012. This time, they faced another generation star in Kevin Durant and the rest of the Oklahoma City Thunder. And the Heat shrugged off any signs of collapse as they emerged victorious in four straight games after losing the opener, to take home the title. Plus, it was a sweet victory in their home floor; and a very first-yet-memorable one for James as well as Chris Bosh and other Heat players like Mario Chalmers and Shane Battier.

And they did it again, in a blockbuster seven-game series against then undefeated San Antonio Spurs. With James earning his second title in three years with the Heat, it was also considered another prime era for the 6-foot-8 250-pound forward (who can also play the entire five basketball positions). No doubt about it.

But after the Spurs successfully snatched the title from the not-so-White Hot team this year, James' future was questioned yet again.

Facing such scenarios weren't really a new thing to a professional basketball superstar. Remember Dwight Howard, the young center from Atlanta whose drafted by the Orlando Magic in 2008 as the first overall pick? After failing to live up to their expectations during playoff time, Dwight also made a career-defining movement—that is taking his talent to the West Coast. But after shifting to Los Angeles Lakers, things just got even worse for the big man. Frustrated anew, he moved to the Houston Rockets.

Speaking of which, talks that several teams including the Rockets, are rolling again. This mystery has yet to be resolved though; whether James would REALLY move out of Miami or re-sign another contract with them. That's a big IF though, financially-wise speaking.

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