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Friday, July 11, 2014

Flick Review: Transformers Age of Extinction

07/01/14 05:13:10 PM

I haven't saw the entire Transformers franchise. In fact, it was five years ago when I only saw the Transformers' second flick titled “Revenge of the Fallen” in a movie date which went awkward (it was a trio flick meet-up, by the way).

But forget July 2009 for that matter. After all of those times, I haven't seen neither the first nor the third motion picture of that Hasbro-manufactured action figures.

All I know is that Transformers 4: Age of Extinction showcased a total different plot. Why, 'cause obviously, it's a different time already. Though I personally wondered: if that's the age of extinction, then why are people still... well, are at its same, old phase? They aren't the same extinct personae on any of those super-futuristic-slash-way-too-past-the-modernized-contemporary-era flicks Oblivion?

Well, I can only realized the title speaks for the characters themselves. They were “extinct” to the eyes of then-current generation. Any pieces of Autobots were doomed to perish. However, corruption tooks place either when the government cashed in on a robotics company to generate numerous (however, fluke) models, with concepts clearly copied from both Megatron and Bumblebee.

And no wonder why Mark Wahlberg portrayed the main character instead of just-arrested-recently Shia Labouf. He's on a single-dad-slash-mechanic who just purchased a truck, which turned out, was Optimus Prime. Man-(and truck-)hunt was then the instant resort.

However, the plot turned more complicated than we ever thought. And I can't really tell you much (aside from shying away to do the “spoiler's” role) of that anymore.

For two hours and forty six minutes (2:46) inside the cinema on that Saturday night, what more can I say? No wonder why some movie aficionados–legit critics or just plain reviewers—went awry in dismay. The story was a buster. And some claimed Wahlberg's acting seemed to carry the film over, aside from the flying rusher machines rolling over 3D graphics? Hey, they were partly right!

I haven't seen the previous three prequels yet, but I'd prefer the second (Revenge of the Fallen) over this one (unless the first and third may convinced me to change my word; or on the other side, a fifth movie, since I might foresee that one coming really, really soon).

Or maybe I've hit the wrong mode. I should have seen this thing in 3D (heck, I can't afford to pay its price though).

And also, minus a “movie date.”

The verdict: 5.9

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