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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Flick Review: The Expandables 3

8/25/2014 2:18:23 PM

The squad just expanded even more and they just went even badass. How about this: Four veteran action movie actors in this one heck of a movie? Add some young guns out there and they’ll come blasting on your face.

But… really, does the cast really armed themselves with better pacing and plot, huh?

Barney was up for a mission once again: taking down co-founder and fellow member Conrad Stonebanks, who on the other hand, also wants to perish the Expandables, including then-allies Barney, Christmas. So it’s like each are plying revenge on each other, eh? Or let’s say on a bunch of “shoot-to-kill” orders against each other? They both wanted death on each other, and ironically, they have the same frame.

Surely, the film had amassed massive run-and-gun (and even bomb) scenes down the stretch. It retains impressive that way, the old school action flicks with chasing tanks and bikes and flying choppers and added with some kick-ass MMA flavor (courtesy of who but Ronda Rousey).

But for two hours, an average time for a motion picture, I think they still lacked exposure. I mean for a lot of major characters, it is. Come to think that they are 17 in the roster. I can’t prejudge yet if EX3 appears like they’re running out of gas. But maybe, the fact that their portrayal length ain’t seemed enough triggers another major flaw in the movie: the story itself.

And to be frank, it’s Gibson who’s the standout for this one. He’s a goddamn fantastic actor to play this flick’s villain.

Nonetheless, typical action kick-ass flick, but just came up “short,” despite a star-studded cast. However, we rarely see things like this (if you ask me personally, the last time I saw such caliber was The Kingdom – and that was five years ago), so I may give consideration in outing up my verdict

The verdict: 6.1

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