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Thursday, October 02, 2014

The Rundown Slam: WWE Night of Champions

09/27/14 12:59:29 PM

So the WWE had done it again. Cena versus Lesnar in a rematch, while there are three title switches happened Sunday night at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville Tenessee. Yes, this is the Night of Champions, where every WWE title is on the line.

Kicking off the evening, the Usos got whopped their asses by the cosmic Dust brothers in another tag-team match of the year potential, where slaps seemed to dominate the half of their segment, and face paint was the name of the game. With Stardust as Goldust's partner, the duo seemed flawless in terms of their winning ways (say, could you recall when was the last time Goldust lost in a 2x2 game?).

On the other end, I'm seeing a potential heel turn for the half-year tenured champs. So the bizzarre continues, even after the Rhodes duo lost the title to the New Age Outlaws before. (Coincidentally, just months after NAO won the title, the Usos snatched the title in their favor).

Next in line: Sheamus defeats Cesaro in a singles match where the United States Championship is at stake. It appeared another potential street-fight-like brawl at works (just minus the stipulation).

Yes, another awesome match just minus the Cesaro swing. But the irony, eh? A non-American winning the US championship again? And two non-Americans competing for that patriotic-looking title? Nah, who cares, and what's new? That's what's best for business! The mere fact that these two have put up a good damn show for like 13 minutes. So what more can you lose?

However, it's another bad damn blow for the Swiss heel? His career, after winning the Andre the Giant battle royale trophy, was a road full of fluke.

So Miz avenged his SummerSlam loss, and another title switch went on as Miz defeated Dolph Ziggler in a double-troubled fashion, where stunts acting R-Truth and Damien Sandow got entangled for the fans.

It was starry alright, but... hmm, is that really all? Ziggler was always a standout. The ending part was just another sucker.

Seth Rollins won via forfeit after Roman Reigns underwent an emergency hernia surgery. And that's invalid according to Mr. Money in the bank. Heck, that was a hellish buster as I perceived it, until Dean Ambrose got out of his taxi (ironically, did he pay his fare there?) and attack his former ally. Talk about reviving a rivalry, eh? You know, they should face in Hell in a Cell.

At first, I thought Mark Henry will salvage America in a US-vs.-Soviet story against Rusev. And at the end, the World's strongest man was nothing but was bent on destruction by the so-called super athlete in Rusev. I hate to think that emotions ruled the game for Mark.

So the brute's dominance continues, what's next for Rusev?

Randy Orton's victory in a pay-per-view is a must, good thing it came at the hands of the exiting Chris Jericho. Y2J is a helluva performer, but Orton's mid-air RKO was the stunning moment of the match.

Nuff of non-title bouts, back to the typical NOC grind, AJ Lee showed her prowess the way she got her WWE Divas title last year, and this time though she made the former champion Paige tap. To be honest, they shouldn't put Nikki out there and set the stage instead for a singles action. However, as the storyline rolls on, I seemed to understand that the Nikki Bella, now at the Authority's helm, is scheduled to build a rivalry against AJ Lee. If you take a lookback, Lee actually had a fierce stare moments with Stephanie MacMahon prior to announcing the match.

I admire the promo though, where Paige acted like a storyteller.

The, the most awaiting moment of them all. Brock Lesnar against John Cena, and the championship match resulted into a hellish bad finish despite Cena finally putting up a fight. That suplexes was down to eight though, and come to think that Cena unleashed four Attitude Adjustments (AA); during the match. 

Cena may have won the game by DQ, but Lesnar retains the title. As Rollins being a neophyte handling the MITB contract seemed to almost lose his chance after Cena interfered another potential attack to the bogged down champ.

Great match, bad ending. What's new anyway?

Oh, there is: Lesna'rs still the champ. Good job!

Matches of the evening: US Titile Match, WWE World Heavyweight Championship match, Tag Team Titles

Overall verdict: 7.4

Author: slickmaster | ©2014 september twenty-eight productions

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