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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Authority vs. Rebellion (The Pre-take: WWE Survivor Series 2014)

11/21/2014 12:56:10 PM

I can't really give what will be my predictions for this year's Survivor Series. Hence, I can only give my take on what will be the biggest tag team matches for this year.

Team Authority versus Team Cena. Will it the best for business? Really?

Seth Rollins, dubbed as the future of the WWE with his Money in the Bank briefcase at helm, will man Triple H's five-man faction, ousting Randy Orton in the process. His feud with Dean Ambrose subsequently concluded as Bray Wyatt interfered during their match at Hell in a Cell. The question, if the Lunatic Fringe emerged victorious over the Eater of Worlds, will their rivalry continue to prosper? We wish, though I doubt that.

Can the young leader play the role well considering he's up against the ultimate face of this present WWE era?

How about Mark Henry and Rusev as “allies?” Just like few months ago they were rivaling each other as part of the US vs. Russia side-storyline, eh? Looks like the creatives dropped the plot for the meantime. 

But then, who will face the Bulgarian (err,, sorry, Russian) brute next? He's almost more of a conqueror than Brock Lesnar for this year. He just made almost every opponent submit to him. He also vanquished those “Americans” at helm, be it a Real American, another former Olympian representative, nor even the biggest guys in the wrestling world. Plus, he also snatched the US Championship belt from (ironically a non-American either) Sheamus.

How do you stop this guy? Orr better yet, can anyone stop this guy? Perhaps at the multi-person elimination matches, possibly. But how about the singles?

I hate to think of Kane but a sort of a buster. Why's he there? He looks like an assistant to Rollins either, just like the way he does to Orton on previous offerings Money in the Bank and Battleground.

There goes Luke Harper. What an interesting addition, considering he captured the gold over Dolph Ziggler last Monday on RAW. He's on his breakout mode, and on the verge of really turning heel as an individual performer. I can sense him emerge as the ultimate survivor should the Authority wins.

But let's switch sides, and speaking of former Wyatt family member, I can sense of a Luke Harper-Erick Rowan feud later on. It was a shocking addition considering Sheamus and even Ryback as the most-likely choices to join Cena. 

Well, Cena has always been Cena. He have a bag of tricks to pull over to take the power away from the Authority. Only if his teammates cold handle it well. Should that happens, it would mean predictability at this point.

Big Show will have his hands full against former ally and best friend Mark Henry. The question though is that can Show pull a win in over a year, considering he lose big time on almost every PPV showing he had from late last year.

You can't question Dolph Ziggler whether he wins the match or loses. This guy's just awesome in the ring. However, was he really a valuable factor in this storyline? I don't see that at all. But nonetheless, booking him in this traditional scuffle might elevate him status as a performer and his hopes for a main event carder might won't take long. But his team have to win though or else, the four of them will lose their jobs.

But the latest big hit in this series might be Ryback. The comebacking Big Guy in the WWE, after weeks of being away from the PW world. Plus his tandem with Curtis Axel hadn't sit well enough to become one of the present two-man tandems at the scene. Looks like this onster's much hungrier than expected. So hungry that I can only foresee him to man up with Roman Reigns (only if that latter's not injured) at the squared circle soon.

You know what I am foreseeing here? Either team will win. But maybe, some outsiders might interfere, like the new faction known as the New Day. Thus, resulting in a no contest feud.

Also, Randy Orton might come to distract everything and avenge over Seth Rollins and his henchmen. Yes, considering St. Louis was actually RKO's hometown.

Now, if that happens, most especially if there will be surprise RKOs, that would definitely be awesome.

Author: slickmaster | © 2014 september twenty-eight productions

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