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Thursday, November 20, 2014

NXT: The Future of Sports Entertainment

09/18/14 03:22:04 PM

Is NXT the future of professional wrestling?

Definitely it is.

You know, folks, this is a must-watch program if you want to see more of real deal slam banging action instead of relying on the mainstream (or rather, the show where the main roster lives in) phase where RAW, SMACKDOWN, MAIN EVENT and even SUPERSTARS aired.

Mind you, their anthem suited best for business, much better than the combined RAW and SMACKDOWN.

Of course, it's also a much available option aside from the Total Nonstop Action (TNA) wrestling, unless you have plenty of bucks and patience to surf the net and stream their programs.

In case you still wonder why there are so many new stars in the WWE scene right now; who are these SHIELD, Wyatt Family, AJ Lee, and even Daniel Bryan in the first place? And even the most recent ones like Rusev and Bo Dallas, and the potential new mainstream comers like Adrian Neville, the Ascension, and Tyler Breeze?

Well, I can only provide you one answer: they are all graduates off NXT.

For sets of proofs, before the now-defunct Shield was formed, members Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and then-Leakee (now known as Roman Reigns) slugged it out before making name themselves as one of the honed products of NXT, which also previously known as the Florida Championship Wrestling.

Bray Wyatt and his crew were once the developmental league's tag team champions before making waves July 2013.

AJ Lee, the long-tenured Divas Champion in WWE, once held ground with NXT.

Bo Dallas, while setting his foot first at the Royal Rumble in 2013, was the longest reigned NXT Champion.

And let's not forget the modern-day underdog by the name of Daniel Bryan.

And there's a list of accomplices who made it big in and out of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). There's Emma, Paige (the current Diva's champion), Rusev, and Cesaro.

Plus, The likes of Sin Cara, Sami Zayn, Natalya and Tyson Kidd also making waves in NXT despite their presence on the main roster some few years back.

I'm telling you guys: NXT is the real deal on pro wrestling. This is where kids come out and became men and women. Yes, I know they have a lot of veterans out there but it's like a trainee-versus-mentor angle and set-up here. The vets come and see what these guys have.

Sometimes, it's like a typical D-League set-up where people play and hoping for the call into them main roster (yes, just like the NBA, folks).

Why am I saying this? After some two years of observing the program (though not frequently); or even just a shorter span of time recently, when I watched some NXT regular tapes and their two-hour special titled NXT Takeover Fatal 4 Way; I am now fully convinced on what these guys can really do post-development stage/

With Kenta in addition, let's hope NXT will make noise and even noisier.

Though we hope that he wouldn't wound up another fluke and instead taking Cesaro's path as a crossover intentional star.

Anyway, if you ask me again: is NXT the future of pro wrestling, and generally, sports entertainment.

Well, the answer still remains (we don't need to throw out two fingers up a la Daniel Bryan).... YES! YES! YES!

Author: slickmaster | ©2014 september twenty-eoght productions

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