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Monday, January 26, 2015

By The Names: WWE Royal Rumble 2015

1/25/2015 11:43:15 PM

This post might come too late considering I already made this posting less than 11 hours before the Royal Rumble event itself goes live at the Wells Fargo Canter in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia!

Well, unless you manage yourself to stay away from your own Twitter feed and instead stay glued to your TV sets on Monday evening. That actually may sound an instant segue to a plug-in, but it’s my own prerogative and I don’t need to get paid for it anyway.

Here’s the thing though: We have seen the numbers; those incredible statistics; and those figures which dictated history of the entire royal rumble match.

And for the 28th annual Royal Rumble, I may not put my take on all the 30 match competitors. However, allow me to take my two cents out of my left pocket.

First things first, Roman Reigns announced his participation for the RR. Say, this sophomore can really win it all? Yes, and it’s a fat chance in fact, despite having limited arsenal of weapons over the course of time.

As a first-timer, Roman was so impressive that he eliminated a record of 12 wrestlers during its entirety. He could have make it 13 if not for Batista’s plotting return.

Another top favorite is Daniel Bryan, who just came off from a career-threatening injury which cost him to miss the action for about nine months. Say, is DB’s victory sign of a so-called “road to redemption,” something we last saw on John Cena’s 2013 sojourn?

We hope so… if Brock retains the title on that evening. Should that occur, expect a David-versus-Goliath-like battle at Silicon Valley on March 29.

Ric Flair once said Bray Wyatt might stand a chance to headline WrestleMania; and so were the editors. 

Hmmm, could this serve as a break for an uprising heel like him? No freaking wonder, with that mind-over-matter game face. He could put on a scare to anyone out there.

How about Dean Ambrose? Discounting his set of typical performances on RAW and SmackDown, This guy’s on a losing streak since the decimation of the SHIELD, especially during his series of clashes against Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt.

Plus, he has been limping (as per kayfabe or reality) recently following that left leg injury he sustained on an ambulance match against Bray.

Still, could the Lunatic Fringe stand a chance to eliminate a lot? Definitely; but if we’re talking about “win it all” here? No disrespect, but I don’t think so. In fact, there’s a huge probability that alliances could no longer exist in his vocabulary. What do I mean here? Roman Reigns, folks. 

In case you don’t get what I mean, try watching last year’s Royal Rumble. During Roman’s rampage, both Ambrose and Seth Rollins—then his teammates with the SHIELD—tried to get the juggernaut out of the squared circle, only to falter along with the Real Americans.

How about the Big Show, who claimed that nobody could beat him this year? Well, he declared the same thing last year either and that’s during the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal held at WrestleMania 30?

But guess what? He was thrown out by the smaller dude named Antonio Cesaro? 

This time though? What a cocky sucker. Well, that’s what a heel does anyway?

Dolph Ziggler, the sole survivor of last year’s Survivor Series, and undeniably the most hard-working superstar of the year. Yes, he’s an amazing performer; yet the bookers and creative only granted him a main event spot rarely on 2014. How crap is that?

This guy could stand a chance, if the WWE title match will have a different winner, like Seth Rollins. Oh, we forgot John Cena? Say, the Show Off was great being on the different side of wrestling either. In case you forgot the history, just around two years ago there was a Cena-Ziggler rivalry in WWE.

Plus, he could stay for a long time right there.

Rusev. I know for a fact that Lana wanted a match against Brock Lesnar; and the idea her client would crush Paul Heyman’s.

And storyline aside, this is a real fight comprising of “heavyweight shits.” 

He’s been on the rise. He’s never been pinned nor submitted. And with that hot lady on her side, the Russian brute’s definitely a “one lucky bastard.”

But can he crush 29 other superstars and headline WrestleMania? Nah, no; Records can never guarantee hopes.

How about Luke Harper, who just beat the hell out of Erick Rowan on the latest episode of SmackDown? Plus he’s a one-time Intercontinental Champion.

Is he huge version of JBL with that “clothesline from smell?” We hope so. Plus, like Tyson Kidd, Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Rusev, Harper has been on a hell loose. He’s a great competitor with that sets of physical strength, and was even destructive as a heel.

But, there’s a chance he might eliminate a lot of competitors along with Rusev. However, I don’t see him winning it all.

Ryback. He once made it to the WWE event headlines when he challenged John Cena or the championship two years ago. He might score big numbers, but definitely could not stand a chance to take the golden opportunity yet.

Kane. He’s been a savvy veteran who could cost Reigns and DB’s chances to headline WrestleMania. However, he’s not the same wrestler who scored a lot of eliminations before. In fact, he might be another jobber and a potential hope-killer (as I said earlier) like what he had done to CM Punk.

The Miz. He once headlined WrestleMania and pulled a very impressive upset on the 27th annual Show of Shows when he defeated John Cena for the championship match.

Plus, the former tag-team champion had a stunt double. However, I think he will get owned by his companion later on.

Yes. How about Damien Sandow – or should we say… Damien Mizdow? Who knows? This might be the time that the stunt double character will be ripped off like how Hulk Hogan did to himself. And if he eliminates The Miz, that’s a notable RR moment right there.

Stardust, along with his tagteam partner Goldust, might be a jobber for the RR like The Miz and Mizdow, and the other superstars at all. Let’s face it. Not all of the 30 superstars could really stand a chance to win it all as long as the storyline is concerned. 

Here’s what the other thing I am foreseeing though: a lot of tag-team members will participate to fill up the 30-man pool. Like Tyson Kidd, Cesaro, the Usos, and even the New Day. Some individuals like Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel might join the party either.

And some of them will earn a RR moment like how Kofi saved himself from putting his two feet on the floor, or how Cesaro will throw other big-time opponents out of the ring (well, he need that since he’s on a downward spiral direction after his win on WM30).

But how about returning? Like Dudley Boyz and The Rock?

In case you’re wondering, Dwayne Johnson tweeted a photo a few days ago stating he was in the Philly. And in case Cena wins, should these two go clashing against each other once again? We hope so.

Say, there are reports that one of the hardcore tag-teams will made their encore to the WWE once again. Somehow, the New Age Outlaws needed to pick somebody with their own size instead on nitpicking the Ascension.

Say, how about an even surprising return… like Randy Orton? Hey, that can happen. And a potential Seth Rollins versus Randy Orton match for the WWE World heavyweight championship later on.

How we wish.

Or, wait, how we could forget Sheamus right here? That's a big IF though.

So it all comes down to – as Stone Cold said so – the bottom line: Reigns, Bryan, Ziggler or even Orton (again, if he will indeed make a surprise return) will win the Royal Rumble.

Other than that? Hmmm… it’s gonna be an awesome match, I guess.

Author: slickmaster | © 2015 september twenty-eight productions

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