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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Different Year, Same Botchin' Shit.

1/27/2015 11:38:55 AM; Bleacher Report

I just saw Royal Rumble last night; and what more I can say, but perhaps another blunder at hand.

But at least, for instance we saw a bit of favorable result (err, that still remains questionable).

In 2014, Roman Reigns was on the verge of sealing his victory in his Royal Rumble debut; only to be thrown out by the returning Batistsa, whose been plying his route to WrestleMania since his formal return to the ring late 2013.

That crushed the former Shield member’s dreams, but still it’s undeniable though that he got the biggest crack of 2014 aside from his ex-teammate Seth Rollins.

It was really undesirable result, so much that the one of the thousands of spectators inside the Energy Consol Center even heckled Batista for that matter.

It was really disappointing that even hardore legend Mick Foley ranted on his Facebook page why the WWE did not lure a spot for Daniel Bryan during that edition.

I wonder what will be his reaction for the 28th annual RR match though.

However, did the result really came favorable to us the WWE universe? Well, not at all times. Even if Vince McMahon argued (in his guesting on Steve Austin Podcast aired last year on the WWE Network) that he gives what the audience wants.

Unfortunately, the creative should be really blamed for that matter.

But Roman really deserved that victory? At some point, yes. But here’s the problem: he’s been over-pushed by the WWE to be the next top guy. It reminds me of how then the Cleveland Cavaliers over-relied on LeBron James 

Well, it’s not bad to pave Reigns to a direction where he will emerge as the best superstar of his generation. But look, it appeared like faster than adrenaline rush to the extent where he was injured. There are so many superstars who deserved the same spot as Reigns such as Daniel Bryan or even Dolph Ziggler.

Right now, Reigns, was the face counterpart of Bray Wyatt. And don’t get me wrong: both were actually good competitors at their very own right. However, Roman has a limited arsenal of movements; plus his mic skills weren’t even an average level.

I was wondering: maybe if he was a heel, then maybe Paul Heyman will bring the goodies to him. Just don’t be like Cesaro.

Unfortunately, nah, NO. For now, his character was destined to be the anti-bully who can whipped several candy asses, no matter how small or big they were.

The elimination of Daniel Bryan perhaps proves the sporting part of this Royal Rumble match. Entertaining-wise, it suck. I know that should happen in a long time.

But after all, wrestling is still a sport. And as Cesca Litton once said, “it may be entertaining (and other would even reiterate ‘it may be scripted’), but it’s still a sport.”

Still, the arrangement doesn’t fell in favor of the attendants inside the Wells Fargo Center. In fact, at the near-end portion of this program, I heard loud of “BULLSHIT” chants over the coverage.

Mind you, Wyatt and even Rusev deserved to win it all, if that's the case.

And the fact that Ziggler enterer last reminds me of how Rey Mysertio's entrant took the spotlight away from DB. He;s just doing his job, but the fans was reluctant to cheer on. Can you blame them?

So annoying that the fans even blocked the area’s parking zone and almost did not let the talents get out of it. 

“Come on, this ain’t wrestling shit anymore,” as one of the Usos bared.

But at the end of the day, Reigns may have won it (which I handpicked, by the way). But like some of the smarks and members of the IWC, I am disappointed on the execution of this match. Perhaps there’s always a reason for that botch. 

But for now, let’s move on: it’s the juggernaut versus the beast in a bit over 60 days.

Meanwhile, I’ll post my ‘two cents’ regarding the entirety of the Royal Rumble soon.

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