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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Disrespecting the Displeasure

1/19/2015 10:17:37 PM

I first used Disrespecting the Displeasure as a Filipino-language written post as my trademark rant (#TiradaNiSlickMaster) at the height of those series of religious-related outrage during Pope Francis’ visit to Manila.

I have to change that title though.

Here’s the thing: I am not writing this just to jump on and ride the bandwagon of those “opinionated” post during the Papal Visit in Manila. In fact, since time immemorial, I had been hearing issues which tackles religious intolerance.

Not a devoted Catholic here though (in fact, I do not attend masses if I feel obligated to do so). And in reality, a lot of Catholics – whether they belonged to the clergy side or not – tend NOT to practice what they preach.


I also heard a lot of so-called ‘missionaries’ knocking on our door with some hidden agendas in their back: that is to gain populace. In some bastard’s mindset, it’s like saying to earn more in order to compete in a numbers game. And perhaps that sounds like monetary or something right there. After all, some people even claimed “religion is like business” for some very unexplainable reasons.

It’s not really a bad thing, as long as it’s in your freewill to join the club. It’s also you’re prerogative if you want to listen to what their tongues are saying straight to your face.

But I hate the fact where some of these cult members try to persuade my ass off by bashing the belief where I am inclined to; and at the same time, claiming that “if you joined our club, you will be saved.” 

It doesn’t matter if they’re talking instant salvation here or what. All I then know that time are two things: 
(1) If your religion will save me, does it mean that my religion was ‘evil’ at will? Because in the first place, even if some have that “profit” agenda, I don’t think religion was made to do some black ops; and 
(2) The only that will save me from your sanity is food. Spending four minutes and twenty-six seconds on hearing your spiel made me so hungry that I could order a lechon manok and five cups of extra rice.

Oh, don’t tell me I’m close minded. Don’t get me wrong. I dealt myself already by asking questions differentiating the Roman Catholics to the other sects (to which my friends replied certain disciplines that are opposed to the RC community), and I understand that.

But by saying “RC people are (insert religious derogatory words here)?” 

I’m telling you, “Dude, you’re messing with the wrong man.”

It was indeed timely when some of those so-called “religious opinion-makers” said their tell-all stand against the event. Some of them actually ranted on being Jesus as the ‘main focus’ instead of the Holiness himself?

At some point, some of them were actually right: Why the heck are we focusing on Pope Francis while in fact he himself doesn’t want to be the center of both attraction and attention? (I’ll tackle that one on a different issue though.)

Well, we are all free to state whatever we want anyway. And if that’s the case, here’s mine:

The thing is we all have our shares of displeasures in life. We all have disdains. 

Though on the flipside, there’s a piece of saying-slash-unsolicited advice: Don’t hate what you can’t understand. 

Plus, we should all know the word “courtesy.”

Another: Respect begets respect, as the old saying goes. And this is actually my stand against some people who claims “No, you should respect him because he’s old,” or “No, you should respect her for she’s a feminine.” Oh, fuck being stereotypical and sexist (Oops, I am against the ideology here, not the personality).

And this is what I’ll be standing firm when it comes to religion. We, members of our respective religious sects (unless you don’t pray for one), have our own sets of standard beliefs, own disciplines. We may be different from one another, but as long as you have that seven-letter word, we’re cool.

We may all have freedom, especially at the advent of social media. But it doesn’t mean that we are going to unleash bunches of subjective tirades against their believers, like what Marlene Aguilar did by saying Catholics are “idiots.” 

That could actually hurt one’s butt, but who the hell are you to say it anyway?

Oh, include that Twitter gay dude who claims to be a member of one of the country’s populous sect right there, too. He may hate Pope Francis and the way the Catholics celebrate the feast. But ... nah. Too much.

Oh, wait, you’ll continue badmouthing them all? Haven’t get past by this thingamajig? Well, okay, sorry for disrespecting, but I’ll tell you something straight to your ass-looking face as well: FUCK YOUR RELIGION AND LOGIC.

Author: slickmaster | ©2015 september twenty-eight productions

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