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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

PlayBack: Autotelic – Misteryoso

2/7/2015 8:19:16 PM

I’d like to give my take on this track I’ve been addicted on listening recently.

Thanks to my good ol’ college friend who performed on one of the gigs recently at Route 196, now my jukebox just got expanded – the indie way.

It was around 2 in the morning when I heard them: they’re an electropop-and-rock band of five known popularly in the scene as the Autotelic. And their first record “Misteryoso,” off their EP, was part of their set. Seems like everyone was partying at the venue when this song was played; only to realize I myself was enjoying the track, too!

As far as my research goes, Misteryoso was a 7:18-length song first released on April 20, 2013. Man, looks like I’m already a late-bloomer.

The song tackles one’s fascination to a lady (a mysterious one, in fact), though in some kind of superhero-like fashion. At first, I ponder though: hey, this song contains like four stanzas, yet it lasted five (in its radio version) to seven minutes.

Maybe, I was indeed a late-bloomer. I guess.

As of now, Autotelic had a single released late last year titled Dahilan. I suggest you check them out in their site, and follow them on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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