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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wild Night in Brooklyn

2/18/2015 9:35:37 AM

The All-Star fever in the NBA may be over, with records shattering anew in the historic Madison Square Garden. The West won for the first time after five contests slated at the New York City-based venue, 163-158.

However, in Brooklyn, things are getting historic of their own. Look on this epic performance by Stephen Curry in the championship round of the Foot Locker Three Point Shootout.

Yes, 27 freaking points. It may be expected that he will take the crown. But 27 points? You must be sick in nailing trey bombs like that. Not even his Splash Brother Klay Thompson came closer despite owning the top rank during the competition’s preliminary wars.

However, if three pointers showcase ruled the All Star Saturday for the previous years, perhaps it’s about time when the Slam Dunk contest should regain in its old form.

Perhaps it’s because it’s getting boring little by little. No creativity, pure generic stunts, and perhaps higher audience expectation. Aside from the fact that these competing players are strutting their stuff as if they’re playing the “game.”

360? Nah. Take it to 540, as said by Victor Oladipo of the Orlando Magic. His first dunk was kinda impressive. Though some actually argued if it's really a 360 or 540. Nah, you'd be the judge.

But after Victor came a very young man named Zack Lavine. Watch this.

Say, a Space Jam? Really? Literally huh? Since that’s considered a tribute to the yougn Michael Jordan during his filming with the movie almost two decades ago, that’s consdierably good.

But wait a minute... behind the back reverse jam? Say, this is something I saw at JR Smith before; but LaVine’s act was good enough to hype the crown. And both dunks were made in just one attempt.

The championship round may be not tha entertaining though. But everything seems clear for the Timberwolves rookie... worth the prized stunt at all.

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