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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Review (Throwback Edition): Abangan Ang Susunod Na Kabanata

7/31/2013 2:20:55 PM

(At present, the sitcom airs on Jeepney TV; and also, Studio 23 was reformatted and renamed as ABS-CBN Sports + Action as of January 18, 2014. )

You know, every time I hear that tune, I already know what program is that.

One of the best satirical sitcoms ever produced on Philippine Primetime Television was the Tuesday evening regular named “Abangan Ang Susunod Na Kabanata.” One of the ABS-CBN’s finest earned an award at one international contest in 1991. Seems like Jose Javier Reyes was a hell genius in creating this series, alongside Johnny Manahan’s direction, eh?

Certainly they did a great job in creating a star-studded cast. You got stars that are already familiar from different programs. And they blended well in terms of their chemistry.

I admired some of them for being natural in portraying their roles, like Anjo Yllana for being a violent retard named Dino. The late Sammy Lagmay got that perfect look in that same name role. He definitely got his big break on this sitcom.

Tessie Tomas was then the exact parody for the former first lady Imelda Marcos; while her poor counterpart Nova Villa was another classy, aside from acting as Aling Ason in the Thursday regular Home Along Da Riles.

Roderick Paulate’s Benny dela Croix was one of his last role portrayance of being gay. Carmi Martin’s innocence as Clara was a dud. Sammy’s wife, (whether it is Nena Perez Rubio or Winnie Cordero) is the perfect example of the typical wife – a natural nagger.

Aside from Ang TV, Jojo Isla’s role as Del is in his looks, too – a villainous one with that aviator shades on for most of the time. His boss Anding Tengco, was the perfect politician in the eyes of almost every Juan – corrupt. And indeed, Noel Trinidad gave justice to that.

And certainly most of their punch lines clicked in, especially during those times when it needed the most. Whatever is happening at the Philippine politics, Abangan Ang Susunod na Kabanata served as the primary parody to that. It’s like they entertain people, and at the same time, they’re making people aware on what’s happening in their country.

They lasted for 6 years, just a proof on how the audience loved this show. Though Palibhasa Lalake and Home Along Da Riles was way ahead of Abangan. They were revived in 2001 (with the title remaned as “Eto Na Ang Susunod Na Kabanata”), but failed to live up to the expectations after two months. Maybe it was because to the big difference on the cast, the audience’s taste, and the overall outcome as well. Still it’s a big KUDOS to Direk Joey and Mr. M. for creating that one.

Thanks to Studio 23 and Jeepney TV, at least I had a chance to catch another glimpse on this classic comedy program. It’s like this show never gets old if you know what I mean, especially at the present times where political situations seemed to cycle and same issue goes on again and again.

What’s next, aside from giving my verdict and tribute to this one? Abangan ang susunod na kabanata!

The verdict: 9.6

Author: slickmaster | © 2013, 2015 september twenty-eight productions

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