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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Just My Opinion: 2015 NBA All Star Game

3/1/2015 12:13:10 PM

(This is a late post.)

Stars shone the brightest in New York City during Valentines’ Day for the 2015 NBA All Star Game. Brooklyn provided the festivities for the Friday and Saturday, while the weekend never has been completed with the staging All-Star gamne itself at the epic Madison Square Garden.

At the end, records were shattered with a lot of three-point field goals; and it was the first time the Western Conference All-Stars garnered a victory after the previous four tries at the venue, 163-158.

Say, I won’t give much emphasis on the highlight reels, and other stats since I already posted this almost two weeks late. Let the video do the talking.

Russell Westbrook took on the spotlight from anyone else, especially his teammate Kevin Durant and another West-based Superstar Kobe Bryant were placed at sick bay due to various respective injuries.

LeBron James, though, surpassed Michael Jordan in most points scored in a losing effort.

WEST domination in the NYC proved the conference’s level of supremacy for the past decade; considering this – we got an era of LeBron James and Kevin Durant at works; but somehow more calibrated ballers were at the near-Pacific/Latin coast ball clubs; thus, proving that the power in the NBA is more than just “passing the torch” or so-called “fate.” 

The East still owns the West in the over-all NBA All-Star win-losses record.

But as the “Wild, Wild West” continues to reign supreme via playoff contentions and championships, it’s no doubt that things will get even against the “Beasts of the East” soon!

Still, I’m afraid the stars from Saturday night really shone the most – not just because it was Valentine’s day then!

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