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Sunday, February 08, 2015

The Scene Around: DocDef 061

2/7/2015 10:00:06 PM

I randomly spotted through the news feed of my Facebook when one of my college friends (who, by the way, is an indie musician) posted a photo containing an event poster: it’s DocDef 61 held 8 PM of January 24, 2015 at Route 196 bar in Quezon City.

That seems interesting as my first impression; considering it’s been a very long while since I attended an underground gig; but actually it felt like first time. Plus the venue was just a mere walking distance from my residence.

I came around few minutes before 9PM, and already braced myself for an evening of treats. Musical treat, to be frank; with names sounding new to my ears. Perhaps it’s because of my ignorance in the scene.

Etan Muriel opened the party with several originals, followed by Niki Colet. Ridge Tan still managed to showcase his craft despite losing his guitar tuner then (only to found that thing later in the evening somewhere in the venue). 

Along the way, a lot names made waves during such as Paolo Mallari, Ivan Theory, Fools and Foes, The Ransom Collective and Tom’s Story.

Zion debuted on DocDef’s gig; while the popular alternative rock band Maya’s Anklet was the last player for the outing, and somehow end up the night with a bang.

Turns out, the six hours of its entirety was worth the money. Mind you, these performers really make good music, as DocDef Productions usually advertises. I’m not kissing asses here, but hearing some of them would perhaps give you enough reason why they became part of contests such as Wanderband; and even got some airplay on alternative stations like Jam 88.3 nowadays.

I’d like to give my shoutout to Doc of DocDef productions for such a great event. Job well done, actually!

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