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Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Pre-take: WrestleMania 31 (Part 2)

3/29/2015 7:31:52 PM
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Since it’s gonna be another heck-of-an-event this coming Sunday evening in Silicon Valley (Monday morning Manila time), expect the millions (and millions!) of wrestling fans around the globe to witness the World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) 31st annual spectacle, popularly known as WrestleMania!

And what’s a WrestleMania for the SlickMaster – along with his followers (whom, by the way, are just countable by your fingertips!) without a “pre-take,” right? 

Talk about predictions, just like the way we have last year.


Seven competitors, one prize: the Intercontinental Championship.

It all started with Bad News Barrett versus Dean Ambrose at Fast Lane. Despite with a DQ result, the Lunatic Fringe snatched the ivory prize from the titleholder itself. The belt became a hot potato for everyone over a four-week stretch.

But say, who else will win this one?

Can it be Daniel Bryan, whose been into the Grandest Stage for already four times — and all of them had championship stipulations? So talk about being a prized fighter eh? Fat chances to do so, considering him as one of the top favourites by the WWE Universe!

Luke Harper? I doubt it, though his no-holds-barred fighting stance has been hyping people up on every pay-per-view he showed up, including that IC Title ladder match against Dolph ZIggler! His participation already guarantees him a WrestleMania moment. But there’s no way he will become the Intercontinental Champion as per kayfabe (and in case the otherwise take place, what an upset—and at the same time, a botch).

How about R-Truth? Nah, there’s a chance though, And in case that happens, expect a highlight reel emphasized on him on Botchamania. Kidding aside though, this guys has the moves. The problem is he’s more involved on stealing the potato than kicking any of these guy’s asses.

Will it be Bad News Barrett? Retaining the title may be another best option for this feud though I can sense some “bullshit” chants should the course will took place soon. And for a heel’s part, that’s actually a great job done.

Well, Stardust can stand a chance. However, I don’t foresee him being a winner of this battle at all. But on the sidedish, I’m forecasting “Cody!” chants which haunted him for quite some time.

A Dean Ambrose win might solidify his run for redemption; considering him being involved on a bunch of DQ losses on every PPV he’s been into with (with the exemption of SummerSlam lumberjack match against Seth Rollins). This ladder scuffle, though, has a “no-disqualification” cause, which obviously earns him some favorable options to snatch the title LEGALLY.
But, I’ll bet my money on Dolph Ziggler. He’s been on a roll. Wait, his time’s up on being an Intercontinental Champion? I don’t think so. As long as the show-off shows up and living up to everyone’s expectations, there’s no way you can say DZ’s up. Or, wait, maybe he’s already up for another level – being a main eventer once again—and moreover, being a WWE World Heavyweight championship contender soon!

Possible Winner: Dolph Ziggler
Pride and Nation

Rusev, the United States champion, became another part of the list of the non-US athletes who won the title for quite some time. And another top and tough guy in John Cena, albeit his overall character structure, has been switching storyline from being that “respect-begets-respect” phase into a patriotic US-versus-Russia storyline. I wish the creative pool should have been digressing from that angle before.

Anyway, since Rusev already defeated Cena on WWE Fast Lane, I’m foreseeing of a switching victory in this next rally. A Cena defeat might be considered another upset… in the eyes of PG kids. LOL!

But seriously, even if I’m betting on Rusev, I am more foreseeing that Cena will take home the US belt and had home the former Bulgarian his first ever defeat. Either way, it’s a prized WrestleMania moment for Rusev.

PW: John Cena
Perhaps we will never see any Divas Championship at WrestleMania again. The last time, though attended by the entire female roster, was a miss with AJ Lee retaining the title; and sending Vickie Guerrero fuming to her disbelief.

But it’s like a school-like rivalry: nerds versus bullies. But I’ll put my eyes (no, not hands; they’re taken) on both AJ Lee and Paige.

But I’m foreseeing a double-cross among any of these four soon.

Oh, sorry. Most likely it will be between two of those ladies, since the siblings got one during SUmmerSlam.

After all, they’re frenemies, right?

P.S. Make the match last for at least 20 minutes, please?

PW: AJ Lee and Paige

There will be a WrestleMania viewing party in Skinny Mike’s at Bonifacio Golobal City. Event starts at 6:30 AM and the entrance is free. His event was made possible by The Smark Gilas-Pilipinas (SGP) podcast, along with the Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR), and the event’s official venue partner Skinny Mike’s. Check out their event page on Facebook for more info.

And in case you don’t have time to take a leave on Monday morning, FOX Philippines will air WrestleMania 31 on Monday evening, right after the season 5 finale of The Walking Dead at 10:20 PM. Replays will be on Tuesday noon (March 31 2015, 12:25 PM) , and this coming weekend (April 4 2015, Saturday, 2:05 PM; and April 5 2015, Sunday, 3:45 PM).

Other than that, you can check out the live-blogging sections on Rappler, other wrestling portals, live-streaming sites, and even on Twitter (Yes, I'll be my money on the fact that #WrestleMania will trend worldwide once again–and no way they will never be!).

**WrestleMania 31 on FOX airing does not include the 2-hour special pre-show; and times displayed on their replaying schedule may change without prior notice.

Author: slickmaster | ©2015 september twenty-eight productions

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