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Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Pre-take: WWE Payback 2015

5/17/2015 6:16:01 PM

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Almost half-a-day before the WWE’s latest Sunday special offering called Payback, I tried doing some catch-up watching on wrestling only to see myself getting slept at my couch last Friday night, when FOX aired WWE Raw then. I don’t know if I found the current phase boring or it’s just my body was weak enough to stay all night.

Thank goodness for there’s Smark Henry, an all-Filipino made wrestling portal intended for all the Filipino thinking wrestling fans.

But anyway, I still felt bad Daniel Bryan have to retire from competing again after being nagged by injuries again; relinquishing his Intercontinental Championship in the process.

Without further ado, I’ll make this thing a quickie.

King Barret versus Neville; Neville’s victory on his PPV debut at Extreme Rules wasn’t shown much on worldwide television since their act was scheduled at the preshow, making him appear like an immediate replacement for Barrett’s opponent which was Daniel Bryan.

The former NXT champ then appeared like a jobber there, either. Only to realized, fools... you’re all wrong. The newbie aerial superstar took over.

Now, on a series of clashes with the new King of the Ring, as well as Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus, looks like the upcomer reached his downslide too early; neutralizing all the hype, gimmick, and even his moves in the process.

I guess, I can see BNB, err, sorry, King Barrett will take a victory on this one. And his bullhammer will be unleashed with royal emphasis.

The Meta-Powers versus The Ascension; it’s like old versus new; literally, a battle of the ages and generations. 

Okay, that’s too much glorification.

Meta-Powers – the team of Curtis Axel and Damien Sandow—donning those Hulk Hogan and Macho Man gimmicks. Whew. Seems entertaining; l though we wish these were translated into wins, right?

Well, we’ll never know.

The Ascension, though, has hit a proverbial wall early in their career either. Sure, they defeated the New Age Outlaws four months ago. But... what then? They suck out of nowhere.

Well, let’s hope this might turn the tide up again for them. I guess, I’ll put my pick on them for this match.

The New Day versus the so-called Team Catitiude in a “2-out-of-3 falls” match for the WWE Tag Team Championship. Meaning, either party has to win the entire match by hitting a pinfall/disqualification/submission twice. 

Say, does New Day really worth the golds? Quite be surprising; but I have to give them my predicted victory. As much as I favored Tyson Kidd and Cesaro in terms of their showmanship recently, I don’t think it’s a “time’s up” for the current champs. Besides, their heel-ish positivity gimmicks will continue.

Dolph ZIggler versus Sheamus; Sheamus will win this, though I wish it could have been Ziggler. Both wrestlers actually put on a great show. Sheamus has been a very good as a heel; while Ziggler was at the top of his game; proving his moniker “Show Off” as real worthy as shit.

Ryback versus Bray Wyatt; As much as Ryback has been an exceptionally-good power guy, the problem is the wya he was booked to lose. 

And against Bray Wyatt? Sorry, even if I’m a fan of Ryback, I’ll sense a Wyatt victory here. He’s been on a roll since the last time he defeated Chris Jericho. And even if Bray lost to the Undertaker last WrestleMania, that wouldn’t matter (since it’s some sort of proverbial thingamajig in my eyes).

Say, Bo Dallas may actually triggered a conspired attack right there; as well as Erick Rowan and Luike Harper. 

Naomi and Tamina versus the Bella Twins? You know what; the Bellas do suck in PPV tag team matches recently. Well, that’s just me. I’m sensing the Bad Samoans will take home the big W on this one. Beside the attitude shows them all. 

Here’s the problem: the Divas’ championship wasn’t defended in the PPV event. Can somebody dethrone Nikki for that matter?

John Cena versus Rusev in an I Quit match; You might be surprised if John Cena uttered this two-word phrase.

The problem though, is that Rusev was booked to lose three straight PPV matches? Give me a break! He looked m,ore of like a Russian fluke than a Russian brute. Plus the potential of Lana turning back on him.

Hmm, I guess I would puck Rusev to win this thing after all. (Tough chance, pals. Tough chance!)

The Fatal-four-way for the WWE World Heavyweitght championship; It’s like former three SHIELD members versus Randy Orton in a hellacious mix. I’ll have to take Dean Amborse out of equation, though to be honest I won’t be surprised if he wins this match—plus the title—either.

Yes, that’s possible. And should the event take place, it will prove that Roman Reigns is nothing but a power-fluke. Seth has won it, and if Dean does, then what happened to the vow he dropped at NXT TakeOver last December? 

Still, I want him to win either, just to prove his naysayers wrong; though in reality, Seth Rollins might still walk out with that title. The problem is, will the Phoenix Splash become his new finisher? 

And will Randy Orton finally punt-kicked Rollins out of the way?

That, my friends, remains to be seen.

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