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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Just My Opinion: WWE Extreme Rules 2015

05/15/2015 12:03:18 PM

Since WWE Payback is just around the corner, and I managed to watch a WWE pay-per-view event three weeks ago. Oh, looks like I haven't made my review yet on this edition's “shades of ECW” titled WWE Extreme Rules.

The main program kicked off with a Chicago Street Fight between Luke Harper and Dean Ambrose, the extremists at their own right (yes, they were hardcore wrestlers prior to entering NXT). I thought the match was supposed to happen under Extreme Rules. Seriously, they would fit in to the name itself.

Unfortunately though, it did not happen that way. But the “way out” segment left everyone clueless; until an hour later, their match continued and the match was timed 56 minutes and 10 seconds. Close too being an Iron Man challenge, eh?

Well, that DA-LH match should be the match of the evening for me. They did go extreme though it appeared they left a big gap over a stretch of time. Still these two represents what Extreme Rules was all about.

Rating 7.8

Next, Sheamus versus Dolph Ziggler. Looks like another botch despite the latter's extremely high level of show-off (I call it showmanship though). Ziggler stole the victory, but he was the still the victim on a losing end. I admire Sheamus for being a hellacious heel, though I think the match went shorter than the usual.

Rating: 6.4

Since the tag-team match was moved in the main program, I still think the outcome was still a buster. The New Day retained their tag team championships; but perhaps an ugly mannered ending which will lead to a rivalry extension between them and the dethroned title-holders Tyson Kidd and Cesaro. I have to give credit to Kofi and Cesaro as the standouts for this segment.

Rating: 6.2

John Cena reigned supreme for the nth time (correct me if I'm wrong, but it's 5th since he won that at WrestleMania 31) as the United States Champion. Sure, they had the physicality right there, but that did not convinced me much; though the ending was a bit hilarious when both wrestlers had touched 3 ring posts out of four.

But to extend their duel at Payback? I have no idea. Or rather, I have no good idea to see about it.

Rating: 6.7

The Divas match was unclear for the roles: sure, Naomi had a heel turn. But the actions on the latter part went to Brie. Perhaps, karma's an instant bitch? Nikki retained the title, though it was Naomi who showed more violence and prowess here.

Rating: 6.4

Roman Reigns regained himself by defeating giants. And this time, I think his status as the top contender (not for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship) for being the Authority-crasher elevated from there. The thing, though, is that where does he go from there? He should chase Rollins for the WWE title, and good thing it will happen on Payback—though here's another obstacle: it's not a singles match, and instead will be a triple threat; something he's been involved with before.

By the way, it was another top match of the night. Plus his spear to the Big Show on the announce table is a better way of saying “Good Night!” instead of rolling the other announce table over him.

Rating: 7.7

The main event was another buster though. Don't get me wrong: Randy Orton was also a top guy at present, and Seth Rollins was also good as a heel. But other than that? It's like an ill-executed thing, with Kane confused on which side he's really in to? Plus the interferences added insult to the match cred. I don't blame the wrong probability of predictions here. It just suck how Rollins won that way.

Maybe because of the banning of curbstomp as a finisher (no kayfabe), so that's why he thought of banning RKO as Orton's finisher. And, yes, the failure of imposing his Phoenix Splash and even Orton's failure to address his Punt Kick made the damage even more.

Funny ending, but worst main event I have seen this year.

Rating: 4.6

Overall, Extreme Rules was a buster. Sure, Chicago was a better place to be in WWE, and it was the best crowd the WWE has ever staged in the recent years. But the overall showing was still a buster. I missed Lilian Garcia (or even Justin Roberts) doing the microphone chores. Besides, JoJo may be quite entertaining but saying the A word in the Kiss Me Arse match was a blunder. Perhaps, blame that smirk. Funny though.

And the theme song itself. Jeez, I'd better off with Kongos than that. Extreme Rules should have a soundtrack that will make resonance to its name, not on a Fall Out Boy track who did not even sound hard on their single Irresistble.

Perhaps, I was disappointed; though I hope Payback will do something better (even for a bit).

The verdict: 5.7/10

Author: slickmaster | ©2015 september twenty-eight productions

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