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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Upcoming: PWR Wrevolution X

5/17/2015 8:05:52 PM

Six matches: one night. And the Philippine pro wrestling is about to unfold anew—more often than those days where RJTV 29 used to have the likes of Joe Pogi to don the Pinoy Wrestling’s finest.

Now, though, as the start-up Philippine Wrestling Revolution turns a year old in setting up their programs, fans could only expect an exceptionally-good show right there as PWR will stage their biggest event titled Wrevolution X at the third floor of Makati Cinema Square in Pasong Tamo, Makati City.

I guess, I’m gonna let the clips here do the talking; and in case you want to see the story behind of these matches on its press conference held 1 May 2015 at The Appraisery in Cubao X, Quezon City, do check out this article posted on Smark Henry.

I guess my takes on those matters will be the following:

Main Maxx will be victorious for their last Man Standing Match against The Apocalypse. It’s like a medium version of The Big Show and Kane. Yes, I want the heel to win this time since I used to see MM’s larger than life potential. Seriously, he’s great despite a dark character.

Submission Match between Chris Panzer and Ken Warren; Talk about the social media sinister squaring off anew with the Leader of the Panzermonium. Both had their pinfall victories against each other last year. As for Wrevo X, the timing will be better for them to settle their scores.

I am seeing Panzer emerging victorious since he’s more of a technical guy and perhaps knew a lot of those S holds. But you can’t underestimate Ken Warren for that matter either. Let’s see.

Ralph Imabayashi versus John Sebastian in a Vendetta rematch; I guess I am seeing the new member of the Royal Flush taking home the bacon over the Sonic Crusher-maker. And that will be another trilogy in the works!

3-Way Elimination Tag Team Match: Dual Shock will take this. But I am seeing a potential feud between Sandata and Peter Versoza on its aftermath—if they lose on their third match in the PWR.

Fighters 4 Hire though; they’re like a combined brutes in a Rusev-lookalike and a Brock Lenard-strength (I swear that F5 made by Miguel Rosales on Vendetta was still vivid on my memory).

Beer Promdi; they’re clearly the most comical people in PWR. One’s a drinking machine while the other one’s promdi. Kanto Terror and Mark D. Manalo may be entertaining on mic, but when they’re on tandem and slug their opponents at the squared circle, they’re more serious as shit. 

Perhaps, they’re my second choice to win this three-way elimination tag-team match; and that will pave way for more tag-team matches—and their own division soon at PWR!

Who will survive the Iron man Match? I’ll go for Classical Bryan Leo on this one. Even if Mayhem Brannigan’s close to my preferences, I am seeing Bryan Leo taking home the victory and perhaps put an undefeated streak on Mr. Do or Die either. But expect some bunch of craziness galore in the match soon. Yes, more than just jumping from the second floor.

And yes, for the PWR Championship, wow, what a protege-versus-master act. It’s actually tough to decide whether I’m with JDL or Bombay Suarez here. Look, Bombay was the “heart and soul” of the PWR. In case you don’t know (then you should know), he was the ‘coach’ of these wrestlers. 

Without him, then PWR would not have these calibrated people to perform at the top of their level.

On the other hand, Jake De Leon was this era’s top babyface; and anyone who decides to go up against him will earn an instant “heel heat” in the process. 

However, it doesn’t matter for the bitch killer.

Still tough to put my hands on this. I guess I’ll go with the Senyorito on this one.

But expect some post-match shenanigans. Definitely things will never be the same for the two of them. Maybe, expect other wrestlers going after the PWR championship soon!

But predictions aside, one thing’s for sure: it’s gonna be as helluva good as it was before. I recommend you guys to come on over at MCS on 23 May 2015. Show starts by around 7 in the evening.

Author: slickmaster | ©2015 september twenty-eight productions

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