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Monday, June 29, 2015

Controversial Solistice

06/29/2015 04:27:50 PM
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Okay, just like any other month, we were hampered by a couple of “viral” issues in social media this June. A night club rejecting “cross dressers,” the celebration of “pride” and #LoveWins, we faced another issue that seems disheartening to majority of us.

How about a festival of animal meat? And not just a piece of 'animal meat' but a 'pet' in fact.

Say, whatever happened to the Dog Meat Festival in Yulin, China? The festivity was said controversial due to huge arrays of scornful protests by the general public a few weeks ago?

What's not controversial in this event, aside from having dogs for lunch, dinner, or even breakfast during the day? Are you trying to kid or ridicule me by saying that dogs can be eaten at will?

No. But the problem is that it's already part of their so-called tradition. Even if I'm afraid that sounds barbaric.

Wait, is it really a customary part of their country or city? Well, according to city government, only a “small portion” of the vicinity does the annual habit; and it takes place every June 21st of the year.

Some said it's part of the yearly norms, while other said it's meant to grab attention. If I said it's more of the latter, I think there are certain things in life—which appears to be very unusual or different in our very eyes as a whole civilized society—which states this kind of reason. Like it aims for more tourist attraction or attention form the mainstream media.(which is highly doubted at first).

Apparently, the small gathering garnered massive wildfire of condemnation, with petitions from the United Kingdom, several celebrities—local and international—voicing out their disdains, and even some animal welfare advocates who shelved tons of money to save a lot of dogs from being a dish.

Well, apparently, some reports stated that several people used to steal dogs from the residents before slaughtering them and be eaten for food.

Apparently, if stealing was part of the tradition, never in my mind came it was right to do so.

Alright, I get it. Condemning these Yulin peeps for eating dog meat is like condemning other races for eating the beef, poultry and even hog meat, or some people for indulging exotic food to satisfy their respective appetites. How's that, right?

Besides, they claimed they're non-Western affluence, which is obviously highly-evident coming into this issue.

I'll say at some point they were right. However, dogs as a food can only be a different thing to deal with. Obviously, a lot of us—including yours truly—will agree that dogs are friends, not food (sorry, Finding Nemo).

However, it's a different culture out there. And the only thing I am really condemning with was the fact that the dogs were stolen from their respective owners. Because it appears desperation on some festive patrons.

And that's not a good thing to make a deed at all.

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