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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Lesser of a Thriller

06/11/2015 01:49:12 PM

Okay, just a few thoughts after watching the game last night thru a local TV coverage (which I think was a downward spiral from their old norm of doing the commentary as it happens straight from

Game 3 was another shade of the previous games: The Cavaliers built the lead, only to have a thrilling finish. The difference, though, is that the rally was only made at the fourth quarter.

Oh, I forgot: unfortunately for you fans, there's no overtime game in the Q. Cavaliers won, 96-91, thanks to LeBron's 40 markers and almost a triple-double outing of 12 rebounds and eight assists. He also added four assists.

But perhaps save the King's output since he's too mainstream for recongition. How about Matthew Dellavedova? 20 markers and a pair of clutch shots (alongside James, of course)—including that incredible bank off a foul by Stephen Curry. That should be the play of the series (or at least part of the entire top 10).

But you can't discount a sudden explosion from Steph in the dying minutes when GSW held their one last run. Hitting three 3-pointers in over 2 minute-stretch, including a pair in over an 18-second stretch.

However, LeBron is at his homecourt, and so was his mindset. Talk about reading plays? How about setting a mind that he should win the big one for his city instead? That would actually make more significance in his career.

So, the check on def against Curry did worked for quite some time, still a commendable job in the Matt's part. Yes, he's definitely the game hero in this one. Not only he backed the King on offense, but doing the hustle plays really solidify his stand as part of the crew—and perhaps the entire championship series.

The good news for Cleveland is that the he and Iman Shumpert will still play for the finals despite their ailments. Shumpert sustained a shoulder injury during the game but returned later to particpate; while Matt was sent to the hospital for severe cramping. Say, that actually hurts a lot!

Curry, though, has confidence he will bounce back from the slump; like how the way Golden State rebounded from a 2-1 deficit against Memphis Grizzlies to win the series. Well, as far as an episode of The Starters is concerned, Mr. MVP has been there, and his road back to stellar performance was quite on target after the slump in Games 2 and 3.

The question is that can the Cavs still have the gas to check on the Warriors since another adjustment will be definitely expected on that matter, especially it was the defensive mode which dictated Game 3 the most.

For either team, a Game 4 victory is a must. For the Cavaliers, to gain a step closer and a much-needed momentum heading into the second half of this finals, with Game 5 set on Oakland in Sunday.

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