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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Playback: It's a Non-story!

8/11/2015 5:14:27 PM

Perhaps the world of news-gathering is changing; where as long as the element of being ‘prominent’ is there, and at the same time, adding the ‘controversy’ into the mix.

No wonder why items like ‘reality show celebrities’ sells a lot; while earning more jeers and bashes in the process. Do these ideas triggered out supposedly political correctness? Well, I wish since not all viewers are like stupidity-driven masses whom can only be spoon-fed by what we called “mainstream media,” such as how this TV news personality John Brown greatly dismissed another story from none-the-less but the elite (well, in the eyes of their followers), Kim Kardashian story. 

In this two-minuter, the host of Fox 35’s Good Day Orlando, briefly walked out from the set. And just a few second after being forcibly returned, Brown continued ranting about the so-called ‘nonstory.’

Yes, I agree, John. It is definitely a non-story! Who cares if the family scored a pet bunny, and named it after their biological father’s pre-bisexual name? The same way goes for the allegedly ‘news’ about Kim and Kanye’s child named Northwest. Jesus!

Why the hell these news writers and desk editors passed another crappy scoop? Just to earn some profit while delivering some sort of shitty things to their audience? Man, I’ll pray time will come that such pretentious news items will be carried out sooner as long as there are thinking guys like Brown.

And also, my wish goes for all the news networks here in the country. 

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