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Saturday, September 05, 2015

Biting on Zark's Burgers

7/12/2015 6:25:00 PM

For over the past seven months, it’s been somewhat a roller-coast ride for me. You know, I am still into writing here at The SlickMaster’s Files; though it also appeared like I’m slowing down since I am handling different various things nowadays such as plans to do a podcast, dealing with a new team on my day job, as well as taking a bit of learning to do concert photography and videography (Yes! I missed doing this a lot of times, especially before when I am still hooked up to video editing, photography, and even lay-out design).

Apparently, I am taking these matters on a scheduled basis; which barely means I am taking this point of time to work on something that carved my name in this world: of course, blogging. And this time, I’m not just doing rants on current bullshits of this society. But rather, how about for a bit of change, like reviewing foods or bars? Yeah, since my nightlife’s been resurrected at the start of 2015, (thanks to my newly-met friends in the indie music scene) might as well do something good—at least, this site has the other side aside from raving for good tunes and flicks!

Okay, first stop. Since last holiday, when yours truly has been pigging out loud, looks like my ex-girlfriend provided me a sort of brand to do so.

And I’m talking about Zark’s Burgers. From being a joint somewhere in Taft a few years ago, Zark’s Burgers had a lot of branches in the Metro. Of course, their branch in Eastwood is the most favourable one for me; though I used to storm by at their stall at SM North EDSA with my officemates.

I must say, the Jackhammer and Jawbreaker were my top favorites. Their meat were cooked to perfection, the veggies were quite fresh enough to be paired with. The fries or chips can be challenging if you want to push yourself in eating the main thing. 

Though I got a problem, it may be huge for an average Joe’s stomach, but not for me.

Yes, I’m freakin’ serious. It’s so good that all I wanna eat them all again; though the price is somewhat reasonable enough. Yeah, like spending about two hundred pesos for a meal that measures for ¼ to ½ pound, plus an additional thirty-peso value for bottomless drinks? Say, not a bad thing after all.

I guess, waiting in line for quite 10-15 minutes when all the seats are fully-occupied is worth the wait. Okay, sounds fucking awesome.

Just recently, Zark’s has been expanding by having several branches along the malls in Metro Manila. I even heard that they just graced their opening at SM Bacoor this afternoon (as of this writing). 

Plus, they revved up their branch at Eastwood. At least that will save me from all the possible hassles come rainy season; and I wonder if they will be operating 24/7 though.

I’ll definitely visit them some time, as long as they can contain my big appetite. LOL!

The verdict: 7.5/10

Author: slickmaster | ©2015 september twenty-eight productions

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