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Monday, December 21, 2015

The Rundown Slam: WWE TLC 2015

12/19/2015 9:51:35 AM

It's that time of the year again where the holidays at the world of
professional wrestling sports entertainment are served best with everyone’s favorite toys: tables, ladders, and chairs. It’s the WWE’s own version of “Demolition Derby,” and it’s not as tender loving care as it is.

WWE TLC was set at John Cena’s near-home turf TD Garden in Massachussets. Ironically, he wasn’t around even if speculations from the forums state he will appear again to challenge Alberto Del Rio, the man who defeated him at Hell in a Cell for the United States Championship.

For the second straight year, TLC started with a ladders match, and it’s not just an ordinary duel but a triple-threat for the WWE Tag Team Championships. The New Day faced The Usos and The Lucha Dragons for the tag golds where things turned out to be a spot fest.

I’ll say, New Day may have got away with the title, but there’s no question about The Lucha Dragons. It;s quite clear everyone had put on a great show, but Kalisto and Sin Cara were the top standouts for this one. Who can ever forget that Salina Del Sol on Jey Uso from the top of the ladder? Fuck damn it, man. That was awesome!

Verdict: 8.9

Rusev vs. Ryback in another match where everyone thought we have seen enough. Well, the Bulgarian Brute just had his character rejuvenated even more as a more romantic guy thanks to TMZ who just spoiled the goddamn storyline, we have seen Rusev as a lover boy but less of a fighter.

I get it: their past duels on RAW and SmackDown a week prior to TLC were counted as either a double countout or DQ, and the way to settle their issue was on TLC. But fuck it, man. Again, we have seen enough of these two, with obviously Rusev gaining the victory through his accolade. And if way back then, the Divas matches were considered a “bathroom break,” might as well say this will count albeit the gender issues.

Verdict: 4.4

The chairs match between Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger turned out to be another buster from WrestleMania 29. It just so happened that chairs was a man’s very favorite material. But that caught me like... Really? Is it worth the fighting for? Did these two deserved a lot of drama enough to do a chair slapping-on-their-back contest?

Frankly, I don’t think so, even if the finish was the obvious for the former Mex-American - a vicious double foot stop from the top rope, with Swagger landing on the bunch of chair.

Well, the Mex-America gig was a bust, and his transition from there to the Leaue of Nations wasn’t that clear enough. But del Rio need it. Too much for gimmick fails recently.

Verdict: 5.0

So, it’s that another “clash-of-the-generations” tables match between The Wyatt Family and Team ECW, eh? But hey, the outcome was actually good despite Rhyno, The Dudley Boys, and Tommy Dreamer losing to Bray’s buzzards.

Yes, you have to love how Brawn Strowman, Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper (and okay, we’ll include Erick Rowan here) performed with these guys who were known for being heck-of-a-reckless performers.

And now I understand how a Tables Match works with more understanding, and with ease, emphasis, and awesomeness as well.

Verdict: 9.1

Kevin Owens defended his Intercontinental Championship for one last time. Yes, despite the lack of balanced hype between him and Dean Ambrose. It’s quite obvious KO may be on his dominating self, but Dean Ambrose overpowered him in terms of building drama.

Perhaps Fight Owens Fight saved them all for the fight itself, like how a bully deal with a supposedly “unstable” guy like Ambrose. Quite lacking the convincing impact, but luckily Dean snatched the title away from Owens in such a witty fashion as he managed to maneuver a pop-up powerbomb into a roll-up. Yes, like it’s outtanowhere thing. Damn!

Verdict: 8.4

Charlotte defeated Paige in perhaps predictable-yet-still-unimpressive fashion to retain her Divas Championship. Yes, predictable, but still a very not impressive one especially with Ric Flair at helm. Like there should be a double-cross on their role identification for both of them as face and heel.

And I thought Paige was supposed to be the current badass villain for the Divas division. But... No, I mean not again, as Charlotte turned out to be another generation of dirty player with his father at ringside.

And just like that, Paige turned out to be sore loser again. Yes, all that despite portraying her vicious side for most of the time in this feud. That just sucks, pal.

Another thing: they didn’t even reach the level of their match at Survivor Series. So sorry it fell really flat.

Verdict: 5.0

And that’s it. Everyone thought Roman Reigns will score a steal against Sheamus for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

And turns out wrong either. It’s like more of brawl than a title-chase for both guys. They spent like almost two-thirds of the match beating the shit out of each other. Perhaps they’re trying to tell a one-time big-time beatdown first; where one has to brutalize another to the extent he will be totally incapacitated should climbing time comes.

Even if Roman actually managed to beat the hell out of Sheamus through chair shots and ladders, it’s quite funny to think the latter putted the former into the table for like 3 out of 4 times.

Well, I already foresaw the Celtic Warrior defending this one. And that gives a shame for Roman for being a sore loser either. They can’t copy what happened to those Cena-Edge pages.

But on the other side, I hate to think the WWE screwed Reigns either. Like you let this juggernaut chase his dream for almost two years, and yet after reigning for only five minutes and 15 seconds, you will prolong his agony again?

That perhaps triggered the massive meltdown by the former hound of justice. And frankly speaking, this is what the character of Roman Reigns should have been in the first place. Stan Sy was right: WWE has over-experimented him. Though I’m also trying to understand the point that the creative peeps were like grooming him on all possible ways and gimmicks. Too bad, Roman.

But with the outcome of the post-match, I’ll say too bad, WWE either. Your ratings were going down with this type of cookie-cutter thing you’re trying.

Verdict: 8.1

Well, some of the match really sucked at will. But with the last gasp I have seen for TLC, it’s like WWE was trying to regain what they’ve already lost. And good thing, Roman’s meltdown assault on Triple H and the League of Nations turned out so well that at least the remaining members of the WWE Universe (not just the almost 15K crowd inside the Garden) will have to look on.

Ironically, it’s like building a championship hype for the old Boston Celtics again.

Overall Verdict: 7.8

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