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Thursday, December 17, 2015

The #iBlog11 Experience (Part 1)

12/13/2015 1:51:02 PM

It’s that time of the year once again. After a year and a half—including a six-month wait after a sudden shift on schedule—iBlog is back on a bigger venue and more talks.

First stop was actually the first time in iBlog11 where they will have a forum about the rise of fashion and beauty blogs here in the country. Liz Lanuzo, Diego Buenaflor, and Tolian Gjika shared insights about the beauty blogging in the Philippines and how do bloggers deal with the notable PR firms in the industry.

Halfway through the morning, Amor Maclang, Ivan Saldajeno and Ellen Tordesillas distinguished the blurry line between the old and new forms of scribes and media; while after lunch, it was all about podcasting as Marv De Leon, RD Llarena and veteran voice actor Pocholo Gonzales spoke about the perks and responsibilities of broadcasting over the Internet.

But the packed afternoon doesn’t stops right there as it was all political-and-legal affairs for iBlog11 as Carlo Ople talked about Internet Mobile Marketing Trends and Politics, while Prof. JJ Disini gave a bunch of relevant legal updates for bloggers. 

Later on, Ople took the podium once again (but setting his AlDub fandom and IMMAP persona aside) as he talked about the impacts of blogging for the Philippine elections, as well as Jaemark Tordecilla spoke about the effects of social media, and Commission of Elections spokesperson James Jimenez put his take on what every influencing netizen should do for the upcoming 2016 Philippine Presidential Elections.

It’s been a very packed show so far at iBlog 11. Though it happened on a Friday, with merely close to a hundred in attendance, looks like everyone who missed Day 1 really lost a lot of good stuff. 

I enjoyed more of Pocholo’s stuff though I agree about the time allotment for him. Fifteen minutes were not enough for me to hear this guy but still it’s good as fuck. 

The talk about dividing the ages of media and journalism suited my interest the most as from there, we knew everyone can be a journalist as if the same way people has the abilities to express his or her sentiments. But it takes a lot of credibility to really distinguish who’s who.

I have been trying to do podcast, but the talks about that reignited my interest in doing so. Their tips are something I have to heed on. While we could only hope social media will be really playing a huge factor in shaping the nation’s political view. But with the digital divide we have right now? It’s gonna be a long way to go.

More of my insights about iBlog11 on my next related post soon!

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