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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Inside the Pages: Heneral Luna The History Behind the Movie

12/29/2015 11:15:48 AM

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Book-to-movie adaptations is undeniable part of the pop culture right now. An entire book translated into a single screenplay (or a series of screenplays) that was perhaps not just a culture norm of entertainment, but a marketing tool to a merchandise is so evident that people usually generates array of feedbacks regarding to it.

And rarely would an entertainment arm go from a movie-to-book adaptation like Heneral Luna. Though this book, titled Heneral Luna: The History Being the Movie, is not just a follow-up sequel to it success; but a piece of chunk for history aficionados -- be it legit or wannabes.

If several historians are telling only a side of our contemporary and revolutionary tale of accounts, perhaps Ria Limjap’s interview with Dr. Vivencio R. Jose will break the stereotype of what has been a series of misconceptions about a temperamental general.

The author of The Rise and Fall of Heneral Luna bared it all. His journey from breaking the first impression, into searching for facts unknown to many, to formally authoring the 1972 book, were all discussed in a three-hour monograph held 13 April 2015 at the National Museum of the Philippines.

From there, Dr. Jose told not just Limjap, but also the book readers that Luna wasn’t just a very hot-headed guy who piloted the Philippine army into series of wars until his tragic death on 1899. He was more of a general, scientist, journalist, artist, and even an ordinary folk. Antonio is just one of the few Filipinos who can walk the talk. I mean, he really got the brawls aside from having a sharp mouth.

And his conspiracy theory-driven demise ignited Philippines’ downfall anew.

Well, if you’re a fanatic of the movie, I highly suggest do your research very well by adding this book into your collection.

Heneral Luna: The History Behind the Movie is a book comprised of Ria Limjap’s interview with Dr. Vivencio R.. Jose, author of The Rise and Fall of Heneral Luna, a book first published by the University of the Philippines in 1972, and reprinted by Solar Publishing Corporation in 1991.

Heneral Luna: The History Behind the Movie is a book published and distributed by Anvil Publishing, Inc., with three printings made by July, August, and October 2015.

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