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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Magic Madness

03/17/2016 04:15:35 PM

The official logo of Magic 89.9, first used on early 2000s. Photo obtained at
First heard this station on my old-but-digital PIONEER component player. It was a Friday afternoon, and they were playing music from the 1980s; one of my old favorite decades, thanks to my cousin and his collection of tapes as well as Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

The next time around I tuned in, it was a Sunday night fill of slow jams I used to hear from my sister's 'burned' CDs. Late 90s to present; 112 to Boyz II Men. Suddenly, that made my interest shift from masa to the cliché ones. 

Yes, that was the time I made the BIG SWITCH to Magic 89.9.

Curiously enough, I still manage to catch the times where The Morning Zoo crew were still waking people up (though it was only the first 10-15 minutes since I was rushing my way to school). And by mid-mornings, there's Slick Rick and TonyToni, the duo who will became part of the hottest trio on Philippine radio later on. Believe it or not, it was at this program where the Fil-foreign band called The Speaks made its debut on the music scene!

By noontime, Bennii (Benny Obana) and Crystal (Sheryll Louise Crysal) takes centerstage; with the former knowing for having that kind of rockstar swagger on the mic, and the latter having these paranormal segments, which lasted upon her tenure with the Magic.

Afternoon hits midway and there's the phonemically duo of Joey Agutin and Mylene Garcia—Joey and Miles in the ears of their listeners. And they were counting down the best songs of the day, with reviewing albums held on Wednesdays.

From one duo to another. It's the Big Daddy and his always sweetie partner named Kelly providing tunes as the city lights went on. Formerly known as The JAM, it was renamed as The Jake and Kelly Show. But years after, another duo takes over with one of them named as CJ the DJ.

After jamming on the jam, it was a listener's choice program with James Bang. Yes, the guy whom we used to know as the station guy was manning the deck for three hours as he tries to satisfies your listening pleasure by your requests.

By Fridays, they will crank up the volume and playing hits from the past. And I think since then, Friday Madness really lived to their expectations. Literally, yesterday hits today more than those #throwbackthrusday posts on social media. Heck, even the mixes, too! Right before Jon Tupaz dopes his scratching on the disks and turntables, James Bang used to dish out the 80s hits—12 inch style!

Their weekends were as similar to NU107's Remote Control Weekend. It was an all-request show, where you can phone-in the station or text them the song you wanted to hear. So if you can't get enough of those 9-12MN, that was the show for you. Some guys like Andrei Felix, Dash Calzado, Matt, and even Mighty Mike were keeping everyone company for majority fo those two days.

By 6PM, Max Speed (Alexander Gotinga) does the unplugging as Nightlive rolls. Three hours of “live” music. A refreshing from those canned recordings we always been hearing. And just when you thought the party was just it, heck, things are turning on one side as Party on Weekends makes everyone pumped up from 9PM to the wee hours of Sunday morning.

And if there's Early Returns, the Final Countdown serves as their weekly counterpart. Tabulated, not fabricated. To be followed by all Filipino hits Tunog Kalye—later named as Local Vocal, with a guest band performing live 6PM. And to cap them all, five hours of slowdown hits known as Slow Flow (previous name: Sunday Slowdown).

When I first listened to the Magic by around 2003, I rarely would hear Midnight High and there wasn't even a program slotted at the pre-sunrise hours. Though of course, things are changing overtime when Crystal takes over Daybreak, as well as Scott hosts a Magic show by midnights. Heck, I would even remember at one point that I even called their station only to know what is the first song he aired at the top of the 2am hour (only to realized it was my all-time punk fave called Pretty Fly For The White Guy).

And by 6AM then, after Crystal's era, it was Patrick Jamlang's Daybreak time. Make no mistake for his signature low-toned speaking voice, but it seems quite enough to hype everyone. Especially when he makes several contests.

Well yeah, I used to be one of call the station during The Final Countdown. There was even a time where I won a contest sponsored by PETRON (but it was during the time where Kelly was already in the mid-day shift).

Over the course of time, these programs have taken twists and turns. Guys came in and went away. Gone were (some) savvy vets and taking over where the younger (and young at heart) bunch. For a few years, they even operated a small studio in Eastwood City during weekends and their special events.

The Studio 2 of Magic 89.9, located at Fuente Circle, Eastwood, Quezon City The venue served as an alternate studio to the station during mid-2000s
I kinda missed the time where they even put on a concert intended for APO Hiking Society Tribute album in 2006, and even aired them live on radio. Fuck, that's a perfect celebration for their 20th anniversary!

At one point, Joey and Miles even rocked mornings. And even before Boys Night Out took a full speed flight, they subbed on the morning during Mo's suspension.

Heck, CJ's evening show featured a lot of female personalities such as Faith Amigo. Now, he's taking over the midday program and serving hot tunes with Riki Flores and Suzy (Tin Gamboa) called The Meal.

Boom Gonzalez shifted from RX to Magic and even paired with Asia Agcaoili at one point. Now, even if Mia Bayuga and Carla D weren't there anymore, he still roll on the morning like a fastbreak analyst, spinning toilet mixes and those on demand tracks.

Speaking of Asia, this lady was even dishing hot stories at the wee hours way back then; making midnights a literally high time.

Though I haven't managed to catch Mo Twister's first DJ career with the Magic, his resurface back in 2005 made him a household name in the evening slot, and an even controversial figure by the morning. It's like comparing radio business to boxing where he's a moneymaker like Floyd Mayweather. Yes, amidst series of controversies from Maui Taylor at Forbidden Questions, to those remarks against Charics, and even on-air confrontations with co-hosts. Now, seems Good Times are still stream-rolling as hotting fuck with Mikey Bustos and Sam Oh as his on-air confidantes.

But before Boys Night Out rose to supremacy, it was King DJ Logan (Carlo Del Carmen) who was at the spot where Sam YG (Samir Gogna) is right now. But his mouth spits a lot of senses. I mean, literally,—with substance and sometimes, controversial. And upon his departure for other radio opportunity, Sam was the bumbayin hottie; but his brutal frank earned high-eye brows from the authorities as he was handed a suspension order, and it almost cost him not just his individual stock, but the entire show as well. There were even lot of drama held as an online petition was even made just to save Boys Night Out from getting axed.

And from 9-12PM, they were moved at 6-10PM. Word is that the boys flourish from there. Boys Nioght Out wasn't just a generic activity nor a radio name. It was their brand.

Over the course of time, Magic 89.9 adapted and withstood over the course of time. At times where some popular radio stations succumbed to corporate greed and massification, WTM remained at the same sane. And even if the present course of foreign mainstream sucks (well, for me), it did not made listeners to lure away as it was still the today's bets music tagline we once heard before.

And we're still hearing them again.

Things had changed a lot. Lot of names became part of the history sheet (though not at blogs, forums and Wikipedia), but certainly, 89.9 was the Philippine radio in magical form. Who would've thought of this station will be one of the witnesses of EDSA Revolution? Along the way, they became the home of Joe D'Mango's Love Notes. They also housed BigFish Radio and American Top40. Guested numerous big-time stars, local and international! And from a very well-received feedback on playing rewinds, they just expanded their playlists! (As of now, Friday Madness also plays early 90s; while Saturday Slam is now ranging from 1995-2005.)

Now that's not just today's best music in literal form. But contemporary it is. Cheers for your 30th anniversary!

Author: slickmaster | © 2016 september twenty-eight productions

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