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Saturday, March 19, 2016

From Puns to Fun

3/18/2016 9:50:07 PM

On an ordinary Friday where a lot of us are expecting the weekend to come -- plus the fact that we got tangled in the middle of summer heat due to a fire drill, let me tell you a story.

Well, that crashed my momentum so much that I ended up browsing a lot of feeds on Twitter by lunch time. And presto... ended up browsing a series of funny posts made by one of my friends at the independent music scene.

Meet Carlo Lava, one of the guitarists of the rocker group called Lions and Acrobats. On top of that, he is also a member of other bands and a chief engineer of a popular recording studio.

Interesting enough, I approached the fella; knowing he could make his array of witty posts a worthy discussion. I initially suggested a hashtag called #BandPuns, but it was better when Ling decided to put on #LocalBandPuns as it gives a much-needed specification and identity on which to tackle. And obviously, it’s all about our own.

This #localbandpuns thing turned out so well it gave a lot of music listeners -- and artists themselves -- some time to take a chill pill on a scorching hot afternoon.

Here are some of the responses we just gathered.

As we hit midway on Friday afternoon, this topic reached the fourth spot of the Philippine trending list on the popular micro-blogging site. And just when you thought people will slow down, #localbandpuns served like a hot freaking merienda as fans and bands like MilesExperience, Autotelic, Jensen and The Flips also joining the party!

Man, I had a mentally exhausted day, but checking upon the feed, it was an overwhelming response. To think this became the second most discussed talk on Twitter by 5:30 PM? Wow, this shows how music is a can make everyone relate, especially at the indies. So better think twice if the music scene is dying as fuck, because the locals may have been just punning around, but they already proved the argument otherwise.

Isn’t that great? I bet Ling was feeling a lot, lot, lot better! This hashtag was made by him and for him. And I'm honored that at some point, I managed to help someone's voice be heard... and big time!

Say, I might consider a career in social media, eh?

Author: slickmaster | (c) 2016 september twentty-eight productions

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