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Monday, April 25, 2016

The Ranks: PiliPinas Debates 2016

04/25/2016 05:34:42 PM

So we have seen enough. Four televised debates for the 2016 General Elections were staged—three of them were intended for the Presidential candidates, while the remaining one is for the vice-presidential slate.

That being said, every single one of us news-savvy citizens tend to criticize the output by whatever means possible.

And honestly, some of you may not agree with me, but here is my final ranking on which show sucked big time, and which debate stood out the most?
4) TV5. I get it; Luchi-Cruz-Valdes acknowledged her mistake leading to the momentum-stopping delay held at the PiliPinas Debate in University of the Philippines last 20 March 2016. And the fact that Vice President Jejomar Binay broke the rules?

Seems Grace Poe was a standout when it comes to talking tests here (well most of them, except for the 'babangon ako' line), but other than that, what else have we got? It wasn't really a debate by context. It looked more of a reality show to me, with the behind the scenes making up for entertainment; plus the fact that we should have seen a very intellectual discourse instead of the Jerry Springer stints (minus the physical altercations and bouncers).

PRO: It exposes one's true colors
CON: This debate wasn't supposed to be a mudslinging warfare either.

Heck, I thought we are about to see a second coming of Duelo, but instead we ended up indulging our senses to Face to Face, formal edition. Well, in case you don't know, Duelo: Barilan ng Opinyon is a debate-like program hosted by Dick Gordon (with Atty. Mel Sta. Maria) and was airing on AksyonTV for two years.

Though their credibility got wrecked for a while, owing their mistakes is no easy job—and that is something you will rarely see on a Philippine television. Aside from hearing from Papa Jack's radio show, who in this world would have the nerve to air negative blows on the airwaves?

I commend Cheryl Cosim and co. for that, but still TV5 screwed up.

3) ABS-CBN. The recent presentation held in PHINMA-University of Pangasinan may have used a format that is totally different compared to other presidential debates—town hall, where selected town folks will ask the main topic question. They may have also edged TV5 in terms of doing social media segments.

And frankly, they have a very good presentation and almost good content. ALMOST GOOD. Yeah, they tackled national issues. But with the line of questioning? Uhhhh...

And both Tony Velasquez and Karen Davila had their share of Steve Harley moments as it happens. Looks like I now get how did Mike Enriquez felt when he hosted such at Cagayan de Oro. But still, the vice president adress to Mar Roxas was—I'm sad to say—simply unacceptable. Say, the hosts should have been adressed them as sir/maam or Mr./Mrs. instead of their interim positions. It's not being disresepctful. But heck, they don't bring those titles in their respective campaign agendas. Try seeing any of their posters as an example?

And one reason why I called them ALMOST GOOD. They failed us viewers—BIG TIME—at the closing parts. What-the-ever-fuck happened to the concern brought by Jhessa Balbastro? What about the answer on her (and the entire Filipino children) question about their education and making dreams come true? That segment turned into their instant courtship as if we were in a dating game.

2) GMA-7. You can argue they had the worst project ever. They were promising when they start only to get messy at the end either (just like ABS-CBN and TV5). It was actually a mixed of personal and nationalistic issues. And partly-showbiz at some point, plus the fact that Mike Enriquez has been stuttering a lot during his spiels, losing that kind of expecting chemistry with fellow host/moderator Jessica Soho.

But content-wise, they looked pretty a-okay. I mean, they are more fair. They threw more compelling and conversing questions, which is I enjoyed the most.

Still, your commercial gaps nearly crawled half of your entire airtime. And that sucks.

The Summit Express
1) CNN Philippines. Their vice presidential debate was nothing but spectacular. They were strict on implementing house rules. They tackled more stuff. No non-sense questions and more compelling answers. If there's a flaw here, we wish some of these candidates would instead tackle issues that involves public interest instead of personal mudslinging.

And to be frank, CNN's version of PiliPinas Debate was way, way superior compared to the other three. If I would grade them, it's like CNN's a far high note while the GMA, ABS-CBN, and TV5 would lie between below average marks.

Well, it's kinda rude to put a numerical (and statistical) verdict. But I have to agree with my girlfriend Maxim's sentiment. We wish this network right here would cover a presidential debate. But with two weeks before the elections?

That hardly remains to be seen.

Author: slickmaster | (c) 2016 september twenty-eight productions

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