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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

An Extreme Return

05/24/2016 06:50:14 PM

With WWE Extreme Rules came to a close, it was still the guy who holds the title. Yes, Roman Reigns retained the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

But... wait, the future just got back from his time machine. It's Seth Rollins! The last guy who never lost the said title. In case you don't know, he suffered a horrible knee injury during one of the WWE house shows. Since then, the championship revolved around three men: Sheamus, Triple H, and the eventual-current holder Reigns.

This should better seem interesting, since he never lost that title at all, he is the instant, or rather de facto, contender for the WWE's coveted prize. Well, the question, if logically-wise does it really sounded good at all?

Some may argue yes. But some will say he have to climb the way back just like how Reigns was booked during pre-Survivor Series season. If you remember way back then, Reigns was already tagged as the contender for the World Title. But with the tournament bracket at hand, they draw him back to square one it to win it all—just for five minutes and 15 seconds.

Since Reigns is the guy, and we're in the new era, isn't it supposedly logical when the most notable ones at the WWE roster were going after THE GUY? We're not in the Authority era anymore, just why even Stephanie McMahon has seemed to turn her back on Rollins; claiming there's no Plan B.

Now, how to connect the dots rightfully there?
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