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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Playback: Abra feat. Reese Lansangan – 'King Inang Bayan

05/11/2016 11:49:22 AM

Three years after the election, Raymond Abracosa is back, and this time with a more-vicious stories to tell as the hit rapper released his single just in time for the 2016 general elections titled 'King Inang Bayan.

After Ilusyon with Arci Munoz in 2013, Abra penned this no holds barred track with the indie sweetheart Reese Lansangan swooning at the chorus.

The signer-songwriter said on Bandwagon that 'King Inang Bayan has been once a dream collaboration with the seasoned rapper.

So it turns out, wish granted, eh? 
Fair enough to hear her voice which appeared like a balancing element to Abra's heavy-contented one such as multis, references, real talk outbursts and expletives which tackles the vicous cynical side of Filipino life and several issues involving political dynasty, root of rebellion (Mamasapano, #BigasHindiBala), diplomatic dispute (with China), campaign season (showbiz government, black propaganda, oligarch backers) double standards, corruption (re: Yolanda funds), contractualization, the hopeful aftermath of elections, and a whole lot more.

Heck, I could even tell this six-minuter tells a lot of rantings than any other hip-hop track recorded longer than this.

Lansangan's participation proved there is an other side from her witty leash, same as Munoz for Ilusyon (2013). While most of her tracks feel the brainy angst on acoustic, her vocalization fitted somehow to do hip-hop or even rnb. Though we wish she could've rap with Abra here, right?

While commentary was the usual theme for hip-hop tracks, seems the wordsmith has done it very well; with more authority, proper emphasis and without having a typical pop sound. Looks like he strayed away from that distinguished novelty he had done in '13, and gone to the craft he wanted to make with a similar message to convey.

This six-minuter rant is definitely the best you can have this year.

Author: slickmaster | (c) 2016 september twenty-eight productions

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