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Monday, July 25, 2016

The Pre-take: WWE Battleground 2016

07/24/2016 08:54:12 PM

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The WWE has been on the verge of taking things into even greater heights as the brand extension have taken place, with superstars getting split into teams of RAW and SmackDown, and the latter show moving into Tuesdays and will be airing LIVE.

But lest be forgotten, the pay-per-view event Battleground be the either the last of the previous pace, or the pioneer of this new era thingy at all. Talk about going into some sort of warfare between the sibling rivalry on a full-blown way.

The Usos will be taking on the team of Tyler Breeze and Fandango in the pre-show. Looks like this new duo will be winning this. While Jimmy and Jey are exciting to watch, it's about time that Tyler Breeze would get back to his groove. 

His egotistical character complimented by Fandango's DI-and-machismo persona, were slowly picking up. An upset victory will be their equivalent on how Fandango upset Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 29.

I have a feeling this match will be kicking off the evening. Charlotte and Dana Brooke versus Sasha Banks with a mystery partner taking place. 

Well, I could only hope it will be either Nia Jax, Nikki Bella or whoever. And with Bayley staying at NXT, fans could only be hopeless.

But this is just a major step in Sasha going back to the title she's been chasing since the Royal Rumble, the Women's Championship (plus they were both drafted to RAW). Hey, her winning the title at WrestleMania could have make the event an even memorable one (but fuck it). 

So I'm seeing Banks being written the winner for this.

The New Day versus the Wyatt Family could be another kickoff match for the evening. And why not? Heck, if executed properly, this 3-on-3 duel could be a match of the year candidate. They already had a good story to hype them all. And frankly, the Wyatts might be winning this one before spreading terror across the WWE roster. 

And they need it. They were like beard-disguised jobbers for over the past few months, especially when Bray Wyatt concluded his story with Roman Reigns at Hell in a Cell last year.

Rusev was the monster heel we have seen since 2013 to WrestleMania 2014. He has been undefeated for nearly a year and has held the United States Championship. Kinda ironic to see the US title on a foreigner athlete – but that has clearly shown who has taken a waging power versus the Americans during their tales. Him taking that one from Kalisto has shown the latter's ineffectiveness (or the lack of writing thereof).

But with Zack Ryder gaining momentum for 2016, from being a sudden replacement into a one-day IC reign at WrestleMania, he should be the winner – and the US title-holder at the end of the match. His new gimmick will be a total waste if the creatives will book him to lose.

The Miz versus Darren Young for the Intercontinental Championship appeared like an instant program, but on one end, it could be a one of the chapters for the long story about Young being Bob Backlund's protege.

Well, there's no way that Young will not be the champion at the end. 

Becky Lunch versus Natalya should be a match that will make the former going over-the-hump. Making her lose to the recently-turned heel would maker her the current underdog at the women's division. But that, on the other hand, might make her shine at SummerSlam soon.

The Club will be splitting soon due to the draft held at SmackDown last Tuesday, and this might be temporary graduation for them. So it's more possible that they will be winning at Battleground against John Cena, Enzo, and Cass, a team that will be defeinitely break out more sooner.

Sami Zayn versus Kevin Owens should be awarded the rivalry of the year. Heck, they could even go for a lot of rounds in the upcoming PPVs. But at the Battleground, with this could be hinted the last of their “destined to fight forever” tale? I frankly doubt that, with both of the getting drafted on one show.

There's no chance in hell they will be waging their feud to be stopped unless both of them decided to add flavor by building program with the other pros in the WWE anytime soon.

The SHIELD members in a triple threat for the WWE Championship might be a one-time big time conclusion en route to the brand extension, with Rollins and Reigns going to RAW and Ambrose to SmackDown. But certainly there's no way these three will be going against each other soon.

Ambrose taking home the title at Money in the Bank might cover up Reigns' controversy for violating their wellness policy. Hey, it could be also attribute for Rollins' victory too. And frankly, the WWE has done a great job in doing promos in behalf of Reigns so that he as never left off the hype despite being physically absent.

However, Roman might win it back again. Why not? He's been groomed as the top face of this company for the succeeding times to come.

Rollins' potential championship victory might be a good story to tell, but only better when he was a face. But that could still be another possible thing, considering him being the top overall draft pick.

So either Reigns or Rollins will work them well, with the latter being “bast for business” (sorry for using that stale term, folks).

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