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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Playback: Nag[ma]mahal, BennyBunnyBand

06/24/2016 12:17:16 AM

Photo credits: iTunes
Off all the bands I've been listened to in the current music scene, BennyBunnyBand can be considered as one of the standouts, and we're not talking about popularity here; but rather, in terms of infusing their own sound.

Imagine a ukulele doing the lead thing in crafting a kind of rock music of its own. And since Benny Giron and his bandmates have rabbits as a spirit animal, it's no surprise they labeled themselves kuneho rock

They have their energy so infectious, either Dayaw, Autotelic, or even The Ransom Collective can serve as their equivalent ; much more if we talked about talking about stage presence here.

And certainly, their genre was somewhat a novelty pop-injected in a rock-dominated experiment that was proven by their five released singles, and an EP launched last September 2015.

Nagmamahal, BennyBunnyBand was a six-tracked record released by the band, with two of them went on to become radio (Jam 88.3 to be exact) and online media favorites for quite some time.

Dear Laarni sparked a what has been an exciting, lovable tale ahead. While Pam ToGetHer (undeniably my favorite song since the first time I heard them live) was the most infectious of them all.

While almost the rest of the tracks sounded fast to medium, P.S. Laarni turned out to be a slow tearjerker.

Listening to them on repeat could illustrate you a cycle of stories, like a typical past relationship has been going through. Fast joyful start to slow sorrowful ending. Joyful start and ending on sorrow. But hey, it's not totally good to say things will be run according to their listings.

I'm just saying they were good on arranging them up. Heck I could even consider this as one of the best released EPs for 2015. 

That being said, their upcoming album is something we must look forward to. More themes, stories, and perhaps, experimentation will be displayed right there!

Verdict: 7.9

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