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Friday, August 05, 2016

The Debut Of the Inside Wars

08/04/2016 03:01:34 PM

Photo credits: Wrestlezone
Saw the debut programs of WWE's RAW and SmackDown of the “new era.” While things are getting lagged behind due to broadcast problems (thanks, FOX!) I don't think we are far late to make a say about what's happening in the just-changed landscape of the World Wrestling Entertainment. (At least, in their storyline.)

First, their stage set design reminds me of the old pay-per-views they had before. RAW looked like SummerSlam of 2013, while SmackDown Live, the TLC PPV of 2013 – just minus the props. 

They also have new logos and graphics: I think RAW had a bit glimpse of that old interface accompanied by that “raw thing” that made them live to their peg. SmackDown, on the other hand looked like I'm watching an anime-driven show. Not just because these pro wrestlers in general, have their cartoon-inspired gimmicks, but something deeper than that.

But the way these debut were programmed ain't bad at all. In Monday Night RAW we have seen a new women's champion, the rise of a new sensation, and moreover classic matches. 

Plus the RAW broadcast facility looked like a bigger version of NXT. The chemistry between Cole and Graves were freaking gold! And I loved the fact of the spider-cam being used. It first worked at WrestleMania 31 and it's about time to have that equipment more often.

While the downside is the way some of the solo debuts are made – in a squashing fashion. Like I'm not really convinced.

First, let's face it: SmackDown Live's ratings may have dropped compare to their formal live debut two weeks ago. However, the show wasn't bad. And frankly, it was not the old RAW extending rebound show anymore. Meaning no continuity of the story from the flagship program; just on their own. (And the only possible exception for this will be the RAW vs. SmackDown clash intended for some PPVs.)

But I love how they will be able to build the championship hierarchy of their own. Just put the old WWE World Championship back and we're gonna be fine. Plus they got an equal number of competing women here. Just utilize them enough and give the ladies a chance like how Stephanie – and Vince – had done it before.

While on the downside, David Otunga will hopefully learn the ropes of teaming up with Mauro Ranallo and JBL on the commentary. They're quite lucky that Renee Young was the backstage interviewer. RAW had some young guns to accompany Tom Phillips.

Ring announcer-wise, heck, I still miss the old duo of Justin Roberts and Lilian Garcia. (sorry I can't move on from this!) 

But maybe, give JoJo and Greg Hamilton some time to grow.

I can't say who fared well in ratings here, or who's handling a better program. The only thing that could excite wrestling fans (like yours truly) is to keep the competition alive. That's how storylines will be more interesting. You see those sibling rivalry plus shades of old brand split, invasion angles, and even the Authority angles, they looked like mixing it up and presto... it's a new era (yes it is!).

The games are just starting!

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