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Monday, August 08, 2016

Playback: The Putings - Craziest Feeling

07/29/2016 11:14:52 AM

There's something interesting in this music video, or rather, this song from The Putings.

When the music portal Vandals on the Wall said despite the missteps, the track was charming; somewhat good enough to be heard on alternative radio, they were right. When Russ Davis of Jam 88.3's Fresh Filter told its listener of their difference from the band Kontra Tiempo, I have to agree. The mere idea (and fact) that some elements would give you a resemblance of 90s music infused in the alternative pop and alternative rock could garner much listener-ship from the audience; and certainly this track – though had a minor flaws lying underneath the mix – somewhat has it.

Those words laid in the chorus, though not sounding perfectly straightforward nor poetic, blended well with the hooks; catchy enough to gain its charm. While all the instruments were elementally-present from start to finish, it kinda feel either a bit misplaced on the levels of the mix, but wasn't too evident to spot on unless you hear it more often and closer.

And Burn Mercado don't have to act with that usual rockstar swagger on its clip, as it dwell to its sugary-yet-a-bit-subtle approach, complementing their canned craft. Typical music video (performance and story) done with balanced focus and connectivity between the concepts.

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