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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

A RAW Set of Twists and Turns

09/05/2016 08:09:43 PM

It was a rough stretch for RAW to get back into the competition. Two days after SummerSlam, despite having a dominating cards and results in their favor, it was SmackDown live who drew first-blood in the competition. All that despite having Bayley debut in their roster.

While Finn Balor managed to become the inaugural WWE Universal Champion, it was then a saddening breaking news to see the Demon King relinquish the all-red title he hardly earned just less than within just 24 hours.

And while (let's face it) the title actually sucks despite explanation, it was just saddening turn-of-events, leading to another massive adjustments. All that despite directing to a potential winner whom, by the way, name is Kevin Owens.

And while Finn will barely be staying at the sick bay for at most, half-a-year, how will RAW fare up from here? Owens eventually won the red belt in a very convincing main event that saw no one but Triple H doing the disturbance.

Owens vs. Seth may be the logical choice, but it might go into a criss-cross rivalry tales with Roman Reigns, Hunter, and even RAW executives possibly twisting them out. 

And why not? Seth is looking for the answer on why he is not considered the McMahon's protege anymore. Also, on how do things get explainable between the management of Monday night and the WWE itself. This should also be set for a connecting-the-dots conspiracy-like story, with Stephanie McMahon now having to deal with two antagonists: Paul Heyman, and potentially, her husband.

Now that's what makes RAW exciting. Talk about gaming up the competition despite having those cookie-cutter storylines mapped already ahead.

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