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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Playback: Botchamania 320

09/05/2016 05:58:20 PM

Funny how I end up seeing this video brand once again. It looks like the last time I hit them over the internet, it was barely a year ago, at the Royal Rumble episode.

In case you don't know, Botchamania features anything funny crappiest part of a wrestling show. And their 320th episode featured some of the notable botches on WWE's second biggest annual pay-per-view event called SummerSlam. Some of the spoofs we may have never notice whenever we watch them on TV.

In all fairness, there are some of the botching moments that count a lot here in Botchamania, while there were missing ends, too. Like how I find JoJo's intro on Finn Balor a bit disappointing.

But anyway, this cool video library seems the wrestling (or rather, sports entertainment) version of both the Top 20 Countdown and Science of Stupid programs. Imagine how a simple move in wrestling has its own level of risks, and how tough to call the matches in the ring; unless someone will do a John Cena – just learning when to mimicking instead of almost-blatantly saying to your opponent what's next to do.

For more of Botchamania, search them out on YouTube or Vimeo, whichever your preference is.

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