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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Scene Around: Docdef Re:Fresh

09/15/2016 05:04:58 PM 

Well, it's been a very long while since the last time I stormed by the prod group that have taken me in this place at the music scene. Like seriously, it was almost two months since the last time I worked for a Docdef Productions gig, and that was during the EP launch of Banna Harbera titled Persistence. 

While the months of May and June became busy in preparation for big-timers Jack Daniels Indiefest and the independent music stage of the 2016 Fete de la Musique (with that whopping number of people in attendance), I on the other hand was dealing with personal matters (but I'll keep it confidential). 

The gig held 24 June 2016 seemed a different for me, considering Docdef has been classified for having the best chillax alternatives – and even housed some of the best bands in the indie music scene. This time around, though, Docdef Re:Fresh hit like literally a refresh button of an Internet browser, with some of the bands actually showcased loud to the world music like Dayaw (though with no a new voice), Wilderness, and Chocolate Grass. 

Shelley Pasaba actually still sounded strangely new to me, but rest assured I have to stick my ears closer during her sets soon. The Docdef regulars Ube, Ulcer, Tom's Story, MilesExperience were around to refresh every gig-goer who seemingly missed such gigs. 

Hey, make no mistake about it: this prod has organized more than 40 or 50-ish gigs during 2015. But 2016 appears to be taking a bit of slowdown for the JD On Stage prod of the yeat, but still keeps the ball rolling.

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